Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wait, You Mean I Still Have to Nap?

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My baby fell asleep sitting up today.
You think I'm joking, but I'm not. 

See, I have a very determined daughter. In fact the word determined doesn't even do her justice. Recently, she has become very mobile, she can pretty much go anywhere and do anything that she wants now. She is so close to walking and she has become phenomenal at controlling her little body.

This was very exciting at first. Of course, the excitement ended faster than it started. Don't get me wrong, crawling and standing and walking holding on to furniture are so much fun and she is so very happy with her new found talents. However, this also means constant trails of toys and household items because everything is fair game now. It also means lots of teaching moments. I don't really mind all of that though. 

What I do mind is no napping. It's the strangest thing. My daughter is (I should say was) an amazing napper. AMAZING. This is no longer true. 
She has discovered how to stand in her crib and even more so than that, how to use her mattress as a trampoline. I'm not joking. 
It does not matter how exhausted she is. She could be falling asleep in your arms as you carry her to the crib and the second you put her down and cover her up--- BOING! Baby is instantly filled with energy, jumping up to a standing position, grabbing the edge of the crib and jumping and screaming for me to get her out and let her play. Incessant screaming. 

So I am having to sleep train again. I didn't think I would have to do this. I thought once it was done it was done. I forgot how hard it was. It is so hard to hear your baby crying and every inch of you wants to run in and grab her and cuddle her, but I know better. I know that is exactly what she is trying to get me to do and if I do it then she will think "cool, I just have to cry for one hour straight and mom will rush in and give me everything I want." Yes, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what she is thinking. 

So I let her cry this time. I knew she was safe, full, dry and very tired. Plus, I can tell the difference from her "mom, I need something" cry and her "I'm PISSED and oh so determined" cry. This was an "I'm PISSED and oh so determined" cry. She cried for an hour. Yes, an hour. Standing the entire time. So when she finally gave up, she was too exhausted to lay down, she simply collapsed onto her butt and let her head fall forward against her bumper and fell asleep. 

So yes, my baby is sleeping sitting up.
But what made it all worth it was that when she woke up, her hair looked like this:

By the way, we call that face the "cheeser." 

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