Monday, April 2, 2012

Almost-Toddlers Need Food Too

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It's funny how at first you really have to think about what to feed your baby. 
Like with everything in life, being a first time mom comes with many learning curves. Just when you acclimate to something, your baby is already moving on to the next phase and the curve starts all over. 

Sofia is now a very capable eater. In fact, she pretty much eats whatever I eat which makes feeding her a lot easier than it used to be.
Except for the fact that I've never been a mom before.
So it actually took me time to create a category in my brain for what kinds of meals I could make her during the day. Dinner was easy, she just eats what we eat. During the day I struggled because she eats meals and I don't. I'm, by nature, a grazer. I graze. The only time I eat a meal during the day is if I'm meeting up with someone, otherwise it's grazing for this 'ol gal.

So the idea of making her a PB&J or something child friendly like that didn't just come to me. I actually had to witness a friend make her two sons PB&J's. Suddenly it dawned on me -- I could put this in Sofia's food category in my brain. Ding ding.

And so, along with many food related epiphanies since then, I have started to accumulate "go-to" meals for my sweet babe.

You can read this and laugh at me all you want, but honestly Sofia's the first babe I've ever cared for. So something as silly as food (something I am otherwise very talented at) was actually a small hurdle for me at first.  So if you are a first time mom and you are thinking "where do I start" then you came to the right post. I won't laugh at you if you don't laugh at me (wink wink).

If your just beginning the solids phase, there are a lot of very helpful sources out there, my two favorites are:
Momtastic's Wholesome Homemade Baby Food Site
Tyler Florence's baby food book Start Fresh
I used both of these resources in the beginning to make lot's of yummy beginner solids and many of those adventures are right here on this blog along with recipes.

Sofia is now onto toddler food so that is what this post is about. My main goal is that she eats healthy organic wholesome foods. She eats nothing that is processed or that has ingredients I can't just pick up myself in the store (or can't pronounce for that matter). Also, I've always tasted everything I've fed Sofia because I am a food lover and I figure if it is distasteful to me (someone who loves all types of food and flavors) then why would I feed it to my daughter?

Here are some of her toddler-ish diet staples:

  • Stonyfield Organic YoToddler Yogurt  (honestly one of the best I've ever tasted)
  •  Organic Bananas, Oranges, Berries
  • Fresh Hormone Free Cheeses (cut into bits) 
  • Hormone Free grilled chicken (left over from dinner the night before, enjoyed cold for lunch) 
  • Free-Range Hormone Free Eggs - Scrambled 
  • Steamed Organic Veggies (left over from the night before, enjoyed cold)
  • PB&J made with All-Natural Organic PB, Organic Preserves and Whole Grain Bread
  • Organic Whole Wheat Pasta with Sauce (whatever I can whip up or have already prepared)
So really, the only thing I buy especially for Sofia is the yogurt (but I will admit it is so yummy I often sneak one). I also keep items like Whole Grain Ritz Crackers and Annie's All-Natural White Cheddar Bunnies on hand in the cupboard for on-the-go snacks (they stay fresh long and hold well in the diaper bag).

I don't typically buy juice for her unless I have a coupon or feel inspired. She drinks water only and she still gets formula 3-4 times a day (we have just started working on weening her off). Now that she is just about a year old, I am going to start buying Organic Whole Milk for her, which will eventually replace her formula.

These are her staples, but like I said she eats what I eat most of the time, so if we are on the go I tend to just feed her from my meal. I try to make sure she gets to enjoy a variety of different flavors, I want her to enjoy food the way that I do. She seems to enjoy almost everything so far. Praying this continues because it is so much fun getting to share food with her!

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