Thursday, April 19, 2012

Calming Chamomile

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Mmmmm. Chamomile. Mmmmm. 
Yes, that's exactly how I feel. 
A soothing herb with a soothing name.

As you can probably already tell, we received fresh chamomile in our CSA's this week. If you are just following this blog and don't know what a CSA is, click here because you definitely want to know! They're amazing!

I was unsure of what to do with my chamomile, our Abundant Harvest newsletter came with instructions for tea etc. but I was hoping to find something more creative than just good 'ol fashioned tea. 

That's when I was blessed with the surprise of delicious creativity from my dear friend Nichole over at Gluten Free Gal on the Go.
Yes, they came in a super cute brown bag with a beautiful vintage bow. A woman after my own heart? That's just Nichole. That's how she does things. 

I'm telling you, these Chamomile-Apple Muffins were AMAZING. Also, because Nichole is in fact our very own Gluten Free Gal they are gluten free and you know what, you wouldn't even know it! They were moist and delicious and well, Sofia wouldn't even share hers with me and sharing is her new big thing. 
So there is your proof -- from the mouth of a babe, literally.
You can find the recipe on Nichole's blog. 

Thank you friend for such a yummy gift!
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