Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Made a Wallet

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Yes, I did!
 My old wallet (that I've had for about 7 years) finally bit the dust. I've been nursing it back to health for over a year now. 
I needed a BIG wallet, with lots of pockets and room for our envelope system AND a checkbook. 
As you may know, this is close to impossible to find. There is one on the market that I really don't like and there are a bunch of handmade ones on Esty. 
Well, I'm handy with a sewing machine AND I can't spend money (if you want to know why, then click here) so I decided to make my own. 

This was a dry run, I just went for it. So, obviously, there are a couple of things I will do differently next time or may try to fix. But, overall, I'm really lovin' it!

Here is the old warn out coat I used for fabric.
Finished wallet with wristlet strap:
Inside of wallet with card slots:
Lower slot for check book:  
With my old check book case (I plan on making a new one, but was too tired last night to do it):
Upper slots for gift cards, cash etc.:
Zipper pouch on back for coins: 
Enough room for our envelope system (we use an accordion folder as pictured): 
A peek at our envelope system: 
Closed wallet with cards, check book, coins AND envelope system:
Front view of packed to the brim wallet: 

It really was surprisingly easy to make. I used my old wallet as a template and the hardest part was trying to figure out the best way to sew the different sections together. 
I learned a lot about wallet making and plan to change a couple of things to make it better. I whipped this bad boy out in 2 hours, it is a bit of a prototype because I've already perfected some of the design technique in my head just from making this one. 

This was very exciting to be able to up-cycle some items I had around the house into something I needed. I didn't purchase one thing for this project so I have to admit, I am feeling pretty proud of myself. 

Hope you like it! 

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