Monday, April 9, 2012

Sofia Belle is One!!

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Well, my sweet baby girl is officially one year old. Can you believe it? 
I can't. 
It went too fast. 
Way too fast. 

She went from this (this picture still makes me cry with all the monitors and IV's):
To this:

Amazing right?

We made it through our first year of parenthood and you know what, it has been so much fun!
Our sweet Sofia couldn't turn one without a 'lil bash! Especially not with this ex-party-planner of a mother! Her birthday just happened to fall the day after Easter this year, so we decided to plan an Easter Egg Hunt/Pic-Nic themed birthday party for her and all of her little friends. Yes, she already has friends!

Thanks to my dear sweet friend Kelly over at Cadence, Lyric & Cassidy and her amazing photography skills, we have plenty of photos for your viewing pleasure!

 Homemade Cupcakes (Lemon, Chocolate and Vanilla) with homemade cupcake flags!
 Bottled Coca-Cola with fun paper straws!
One of Sofia's sweet friends!
Can't have a girl's 1st birthday without some balloons! 
Beverage table. 
This one is my favorite! Sofia and some of her 'lil friends!  
Beautiful presents in fun Spring colors!

Dad BBQ-ing with a friend.

Sofia visiting with some of the family.  
Another sweet little friend!
Uncle Bill taking Sofia Easter Egg Hunting! 
Examining her treasures.
 Mommy and Babe.  
Easter Egg Hunt!
 Even the 'Lil Ones Joined In!
Our 'Lil Family.
  Sofia Eating Her Birthday Cupcake (and first sugar)! 

Man I still can't believe our sweet girl is a year old!

Here is a Sofia 1-year Recap of Where She is At:
  • 26LBS+3OZ, 30.5" Long, 95%
  • She wears 24M or 2T clothing
  • She is speedily crawling, cruising and standing but not walking 
  • She says: mama, dada, baby, bye bye, hi, uht-oh, no, more, dog, Abbe (her Grammy's dog's name)
  • She can easily communicate that she is hungry, tired, needs attention, needs cuddle time, needs quiet time without crying
  • She waves "hi" and "bye" 
  • She hugs & kisses
  • She knows her nose, eyes and ears and will point to them if asked
  • She loves to share and play with other babies
  • She LOVES to dance
  • She is fully feeding herself and will only let Mom feed her with a fork
  • She is very independent and determined, but she listens well 
  • She sleeps 12 hours straight at night and is just now transitioning to 1 nap a day
  • She eats 20-24OZ of lactose free milk and has breakfast, lunch and dinner meals
  • She goes through about 4-6 diapers a day and is still in cloth
  • She has 6 teeth with 2 on the way
  • She has had 2 haircuts

Happy birthday our darling sweet Sofia, you have no idea the wonders you have brought into our life. You are a true blessing from the Lord and we are so grateful for the gift of your beautiful life. You have made us better people in so many ways. We didn't even know what love really was before you.
Thank you for being our sweet little angel.
Love, Mom & Dad
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