Tuesday, May 1, 2012

24 Hours Without Milk

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Well, as you read in yesterday's post, Sofia has an allergy and I am pretty sure it is milk. 
She has been completely off of all milk products for over 24 hours now.

What a difference a day makes. It almost seems unbelievable to me. Keep in mind though, I am not used to dealing with allergies, so the thought that something can clear up this fast just by removing it from her presence/consumption is unreal to me, it seems almost magical. I believe it confirms my suspicion that milk was indeed the culprit, but we'll see what the blood panel says.

Sofia slept in an hour longer this morning (her normal wake-up time, she has been waking up an hour early for about a month now.... which is about as long as she has been ingesting milk).

Her entire mood has changed for the better. She has been very difficult the last couple of weeks - throwing temper tantrums, being fussy/clingy and temperamental and just plain not listening. 
Well, would you know it, she was a peach all morning. Calm, playful, sweet and very attentive. 

Her cheeks are less red, in fact, her skin almost looks normal. She seems "bright eyed."

She hasn't rubbed her eyes or tugged on her ears once today.

Her nose seems to be clearing up.

I am in complete awe. 
It's moments like these when you almost feel like a bad mother. You think about how your poor sweet babe could have avoided a month of agony if you had only realized sooner what was going on. The problem was, I chalked all of her symptoms up to other things.

Eczema - just a normal baby skin thing
Rubbing Eyes - tired
Touching Ears - well, the doctor just checked them and said they look great so it must be that her hair is growing longer and tickling her ears and she isn't used to the feeling
Snotty Nose - she must be getting a cold (here is the trick with runny noses: clear snot = allergy, white/yellow/green snot = virus/infection) 
Irritability/Challenging/Clingy Behavior - normal toddler stuff, stranger anxiety
Change In Sleep - a phase, been there before

I totally rationalized everything to be something else, which I think is easy to do.  I would argue this is normal for a FTM/someone whose never dealt with allergies. Major learning experience for this Mommy! 

Well, it seems like we are well on our way to being a healthy/happy baby again. However, it has been only 24 hours and as we all know, things can change in an instant. Hopefully I'm not putting the cart before the horse. Check back soon, I will continue to post updates on our 'Lil Miss and track her progress. 

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