Friday, May 11, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

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 I think after the past week, we need some good news around here right?

WELL, 'lil Sofia Belle is going to be a big sister!
AND it looks like Santa Clause is bringing the package personally because nugget #2 is due December 26th! Can you believe it? The one saving grace is that I am a scheduled c-section AND Sofia Belle came a week early, so it looks like I will get scheduled at least a week early. 
I'm shootin' for 12-12-12, what do you say? Ha!

We had our first OB visit today. It went really well, just the standard pap, questions etc. Doc told me to come back on Monday for an ultrasound and then to see him afterwords. Not sure why we are going back so soon for the ultrasound (I feel like I had to wait forever for an ultrasound last time), he did mention about getting the exact due date. I think probably to schedule the c-section OR maybe he thinks I'm farther along than I think I am? Or maybe not as far along? Who knows. I read too far into things.  We'll find out Monday.
Now you know why I was so flippin annoyingly emotional last week. Those hormones didn't wait any time at all this pregnancy around. I am already feeling tired, nauseous and slightly moody (correction - I don't feel moody, but I am being told by a very reliable source that I am indeed moody). Not to mention the fact that I am starting to crave greasy things like NY style pizza and donuts (both of which I have eaten this week - shame on me, yes, I know). To be honest, eating is already starting to feel like a chore, I'm already constantly starving! In fact, I knew the instant I was pregnant, I'm aware of every little thing this time. It is so strange the second time around. 

We are beyond excited and cannot wait for our little package to arrive! 

Aside from that, Sofia is doing great on her no dairy/no soy diet. 
I'm totally getting the hang of it, still have moments of sadness (especially when I am looking up deliciously cheesy recipes and day dreaming about things like Mascarpone and Devonshire Cream) but overall, we are getting a grasp on things. We were referred by a friend to a chiropractor who works with allergies, his methods are completely non-invasive so I decided to try it out instead of the normal western medicine poke & prod technique that would have been the next step with our Allergist. Sofia had the treatment and now has to stay off of milk for three days and then I am supposed to be able to slowly reintroduce it and she should be fine. I'm a "see it to believe it" kind of person, but I trust the friend who is telling me this works and I do completely believe there are other methods to wellness besides a pen & paper, so I am excited to see if this works for her. I figure no harm, no foul. If it doesn't work, oh well, it didn't hurt her, in fact, I think she enjoyed it.

Wes has been unexpectedly home every other day this week, which is a huge blessing because (as mentioned above) I am starting to feel very tired and nauseated. His help has really allowed me to get a grasp on how I am going to handle things around here over the next couple of months. I've realized I must do all of the cleaning, cooking, etc. around lunch time because if I wait until the afternoon I am beyond exhausted and just will find a reason not to do it AND begin justifying spending money on food because YES I am too tired to cook. I admit, I loath the early pregnancy uncontrollable exhaustion, you mom's out there know what I am talking about! 

So there are very exciting things in our future. The Lord has continued to bless us beyond measure, surround us with more love than we have ever known and, well, just lead us home. We are so grateful for this beautiful new life He has blessed us with. I don't think it gets much better than this! I also DON'T think it is a coincidence that my life transformed into this beautiful thing full of blessings literally the moment I became a Christian and turned my life over to God. It pretty much sucked before. Just being honest. 

So yah, left you with that little pearl. :o) Anyways, hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Mom's Day!! I will be tanning my soon to be swollen butt by the pool. 

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