Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Food Allergies & The Feeling of Defeat

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I admit, I am feeling a little defeated. 
I felt this huge sense of relief yesterday after having Sofia off of milk products for 24 hours, I saw this tremendous improvement. Then she woke up from her nap (literally right after I wrote yesterday's post) and she had broken out in hives all over her sweet little belly. So my mind went to work -- she's had NO milk products so what could it be?

 My friend Nichole battles with Celiac's Disease every day of her life and writes about it over at Gluten Free Gal on the Go. She is an expert at scanning ingredients and finding common denominators and man did she go to work for Sofia. It appears to us that Sofia's immune system also reacts to soy. She has broken out in hives every time she ingests something with soy in it and soy was the only common ingredient between the food items she consumed that caused her reaction.

At this point I cannot wait to find out what her blood panel says. In fact, I called today to ask if we could move her appointment up a week. I hope that it confirms my suspicions because otherwise we will be starting from scratch and well, shoot, nobody likes to start from scratch, especially when the well-being of your dear sweet babe is involved.

The hardest part is seeing the poor babe in misery.
Sofia had whole-wheat Ritz crackers today, which I thought were safe because they have zero milk content but later found they have 2 soy ingredients in them and well, she broke out in hives. So of course I felt like the worst mother in the whole world. I felt like dirt. I literally wanted to cuss at myself and call myself mean names for making such a mistake. I was so angry. But really, this is so new to me and I am just beginning to figure it all out and well, narrow the field.
The thing is, milk and soy are in everything. EVERYTHING. 
So instead of making that mistake again, I cleaned out the pantry. Anything with milk or soy went in a donation bag. Items that I couldn't bear to get rid of got the anti-Sofia mark. 
So we begin again. 

I'd like to ask for your prayers over this situation, it has been very trying both emotionally and physically for us. I pray that we can pinpoint Sofia's exact allergy/allergies and proactively work to remove those items from her life and bring in fresh healthy alternatives to help her thrive. I pray for the vigilance and the clarity of mind to stay on top the ingredients in the foods entering our bodies, food to food contamination and switching our little family over to a non-dairy, non-soy (or?) way of living. I pray for health and creativity in cooking. 

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