Monday, May 21, 2012

May in Full

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Well, there has just been a ton going on in the Goodwin household this month. 
So much so that I am pretty sure May just started yesterday, but for some reason the calendar is telling me it is the 21st already! I must have taken an unintentional mental sabbatical because 1-21 is all a blur.

We announced our pregnancy, right when I was going into the morning sickness phase. So I have been feeling very ill, especially in the evenings. I am trying to stay out of the house (because for some reason it makes me feel better, maybe keeps my mind off of it or something) and well, just stay busy when I can. The evenings are the worst for me and I tend to find myself on the couch hoping that Sofia won't get bored playing with her kitchen and toys. She seems to know when I am not feeling good and has been pretty darn good for me so far (for the most part). I can't bring myself to clean, I just can't handle strong smells (many a diaper change has almost been more than a diaper change) and I am exhausted beyond words. So yes, full blown first trimester momma stuff. I also can't seem to get near cooking food (YUCK), even the thought of cooking food makes me want to throw up. So yes, as you probably figured we have been eating out more than we should or even want to. Which I kick myself in the butt for every single flippin time, but it honestly comes down to picking up prepared food or just not eating, so I guess eating less ideally is still better than not eating at all. 
Here is baby #2 at about 7.5 weeks gestation. Baby has a super strong, beautiful heart beat and everything looks great (said with enthusiasm by our OB). 
Wes has gone back to work full time + so he has been doing his best to talk me through everything and support me from a distance. He comes home on the weekends and cleans everything and takes care of Sofia and just is the best husband a nauseated woman could ask for. He is the kind of man that works 16+ hour days, sleepless doubles and night shifts with back-breaking labor in the hot sun and comes homes and cares for two people without taking any time for himself. It makes me emotional just thinking about it. He is the most amazing human being, he is just nothing short of a gift from our great God and a true blessing to his little family. He is so full of love for us it floors me just to think about it.

Sofia wearing daddy's safety glasses.
It has been a hard road with Sofia's allergies. Pretty much anything that does not come from our kitchen is not safe and we have been finding this out the hard way. I try to always bring food for Sofia wherever we go so as to not risk it, but life is life and stuff happens. I fed her some guacamole that obviously had some sort of dairy (or soy?) based filler in it and just couldn't have been more mad at myself for my lack of judgement. We went to breakfast as a family before church on Sunday and I asked for scrambled eggs with nothing in them, just eggs, repeated that she has a dairy allergy blah blah blah. Well, I should have known when the eggs looked just a little more fluffy than normal and of course Sofia had a reaction. So we have learned A LOT the hard way this month, which is just the worst way to learn, especially when it involves your dear sweet babe.  
A stomach rash.

I've gone up and down on an emotional roller coaster ride with this whole thing. I've realized that people just don't really understand unless they have dealt with it or are dealing with it. I feel so blessed to be surrounded with some amazing people who get it and are so supportive of us and what we are going through. I've found some really fruitful information on the internet and recently ordered some dairy-free, soy-free cook books to help inspire me in the kitchen. It's hard to change something you've been doing a certain way for 25 years, hard, but not impossible. So we are trying to take it one step at a time, it involves a lot of stretching. I think back to a couple of months ago when I wrote about being stretched, man I had no idea what I was in for did I! It just kept a comin' but that's okay, that is life. You experience things, you decide to get bitter or better and you move on. 

Sofia is just blossoming into the sweetest little girl. She started walking about a week ago and is still leary of just getting up and going, but is becoming more and more capable. She really has begun to develop such a fun personality. She loves to laugh and play and tease. She is so flippin smart, it blows my mind. She is putting objects together, for instance she will spend an hour trying to stick dad's keys in the front door lock. She tries so hard to plug the computer charger into the computer and if she finds a pen, wouldn't you know it, she'll find a paper to go with that pen. 
I am so amazed by her. It amazes me how her little brain is already working. She is beginning to mimic and is suddenly trying new words and sounds. She has let out a couple "I love you's" and is saying "hello" instead of "hi" now and things like that. She still won't do it on command, but she will do it enough to be heard by others. 
She has eight teeth now and her hair is growing in so thick (and still brown). She is in size 2T and wears size 4 shoes. She is IN LOVE with her daddy. When he is home, they are inseparable. 
My two sleepy heads watching Yo Gabba Gabba together. 

So overall, things are really great. The way I am feeling is expected, you forget how nasty it is, but well, hey that's pregnancy and it's really not impossible with a 13 month old, it just requires a lot of self-control and determination (and strategy, and friends, and prayers and...). I'm nothing if not determined and I have a great group of friends and an amazing husband, so I'd say we're holding together pretty well! 
Happy summer everyone, hope you are enjoying some beautiful warm weather like we are here! If not, soon enough!! 
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