Monday, May 7, 2012

A Milk Allergy Confirmed

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I feel so much more on top of this. 
It took me a good, solid week of stretching to get here, I will admit it was a very hard week for me emotionally. I'm not great with big, immediate changes. I've had to work very hard to get to a place of flexibility in my life and much of that came more recently with having a baby (because we all know how great motherhood is when you're not flexible HA! It's just not worth the stress).
So this was a BIG, shocking, straight out of left field, immediate change for me and I have to say, my gears kind of froze up.

I think the hardest part was working with the unknown and basically humbling myself before the Lord and being reminded again (for probably the zillionth time) that I am not in charge, I do not get to make the decisions and that I need to be open to God's perfect plan.

So although getting Sofia's blood panel results back (all negative) where very frustrating and confusing, we kept her on her no dairy/no soy diet and have watched her BLOSSOM over the past week.
I just couldn't imagine that this much good could come from switching her off of milk & soy if she did not have an allergy to milk or soy. That did not make sense to me.

I had a long conversation with a dear friend of mine about it and she tossed out the idea of giving Sofia a tiny bit of milk (since she is now clear of all her symptoms) and just seeing if she has a reaction. This had already crossed my mind, but I just wasn't sure if I was willing to take the risk. It felt a little bit like playing Russian Roulette.
However, I rolled a couple of things around in my head. First - I would rather not have to put Sofia through any more testing. Second - we unfortunately are dealing with a break in our health insurance until July 1st and I'd rather not have to pay for another appointment with a Specialist or for unnecessary testing.
Third - I reasoned that if I was really in fear for her safety I would feel way more apprehensive about the idea and that if I gave her a small amount it would probably just produce the skin reactions she was having (this was probably just to make myself feel better) or maybe no reaction at all given that her tests came back negative.

So Wes and I talked it over and decided to mix 2 ounces of milk with her bottle of rice milk yesterday.
We picked a time of the day when we knew she would be awake for a couple of hours after so that we could monitor her closely. Within an hour she broke out in a rash all over her belly (the tell-tale red spots) and her face was a bit flushed (which I've realized now is the beginning to an eczema break out), one of her eczema patches is back (although very light) this morning AND she woke up at 6:30A this morning (still don't quite understand how the sleeping thing is linked, but it is definitely linked).

So explain that blood test!
Well, I'm sorry but that completely confirms that she is having a reaction to milk, I don't care what the blood tests say. So obviously we are keeping her on a dairy free diet.

Now, the only other question is soy.
Not sure if I feel like putting her through another "test." I'll have to talk that one over with the husband. I'm leaning towards no and just keeping her off of soy as well, but as with everything, it would be nice to know for sure. Especially before she gets to the birthday parties and sleep overs age because I'm telling you right now people, milk and soy are in everything.

Well, I feel a lot better. The husband and I took a very fun trip to Trader Joe's this past weekend and picked out all kinds of fun and easy foods for Sofia to eat. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I'll share about her new diet in an upcoming post, it has a fun & adventurous side to it. Just like anything in life, it is all in what you make it.

I have to just add that I am so grateful to so many of my friends and family for their support this last week. This past week was one of the hardest I've had in a long time and with the husband working out of town all week I was really struggling without him. I had so many people leap to my side in support, encouraging me to cry on their shoulders, connecting me with other mom's who are dealing with dairy allergies, even offering to bring me dinner! You guys know who you are and I hope you know that I cherish you.

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