Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Picky Eater - Revisited

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So in my last post we talked about how 14 month old Sofia had suddenly gone from being a human garbage disposal to having a very discerning pallet and how we were planning on tackling this new problem.

I started immediately implementing everything we spoke about in my previous post. I started making meals for Sofia and I to share, we began eating every meal together and if there was a meal we couldn't eat together for some reason or another I made sure to show interest in her food, either stealing a couple of pieces or letting her feed me a couple of pieces (one of her new favorite things to do). I started limiting her snacks (no more cute little carry-around hand held snack cup) as well. I did not limit her beverage consumption because the only beverage sweet Sofia drinks is water and I figure she can have as much of that as she wants, I'm just happy she loves water! 

So what happened? 
Your dying right? 
You just want to know?

The picky eater disappeared. Completely. With the exception of a one or two items that she truly doesn't like such as watermelon (she will try it but it always falls right out of the mouth.... every time), but there are so few items that watermelon is really the only thing I can think of right now. She has revisited many of the veggies etc. she previously picked away from and is now gobbling them down with Mom.

So this one was a success! I feel a great sense of accomplishment and am so grateful for my handy dandy resources that laid the path for me -- Toddlerwise!

Parenthood has been a path traveled for thousands of years, so don't be shy to lean on those who have taken the time to pave that path for you. Yes, in some cases it is grand to travel off the beaten path and try new things, but in many cases it is much harder work and you just end up coming back to the already-paved-path in the end.  I say take a look around you, find the kids that are excellent members of our society, the kids that are thoughtful and kind and respectful, the kids you actually ENJOY being around and ask their parent's what they did right, what advice they followed, etc.

Parenting is a community effort so jump our there and start researching!
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