Monday, August 20, 2012

August in Pictures

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Well summer is almost over AGAIN. 
The fair has come and gone. 
All of the kids are going back to school. 
And that signature Southern California August heat is hitting us hard. It's been anywhere from 75-85 degrees in Ventura the last couple weeks and as hot as 115 in the valleys and deserts.
Wes has been cookin' at work up on top of that machine out in the sun.

I absolutely hate being pregnant in the heat. This sweaty exhaustion makes me really miss my sweet little winter pregnancy that I had with Miss Sofia. Man that was slick. This is tough stuff right here. Not to mention, I'm lugging around a 30 lb. toddler and a diaper bag that probably weighs another 20 lbs. Phew. Talk about a work out.
It's keeping me thin and fit though, I'm doing much better this time around. I barely weigh 155 right now at 5 and half months pregnant.... I weighed 155 when I got pregnant with Sofia. LOL. So hopefully I won't gain 50 lbs this time around HA. 

I went down to Chino Hills to celebrate my dear friend Cherisse's new little baby on the way!
It's hard to believe that we have been friends for 13 years and I am so excited that we are going to have little boys the same age!! How fun!!  
I was super excited that I finished Cherisse's crib bedding in time for her shower and was able to watch her open it!
Here is the final product, perfection! 
 While I was busy with Cherisse's shower, Wes took Sofia on a daddy date to the Ventura County Fair with Uncle Nate and Auntie Moo. 
Sofia has now been to the fair 2 years in a row now, it's hard to believe she's even been around that long! 

Summer is Wes's busy season, so when he gets time to be home we try to spend special time together as a family, lately we have been enjoying walking the harbor and showing Sofia the boats or "bows" as she says :o). She likes to sit and watch the boats driving around the harbor almost like you would watch a TV, it's precious. 
Dad took her on the Merry-Go-Round for the first time. She wasn't sure that she liked it at first, but she warmed up pretty fast. 
A couple of friends told me how I can start turning my blog into books, so I ordered by first two years of blogging..... our very own family year books! 
 My pregnant mind is going nuts lately, trying to sort everything out and plan 10 million steps ahead, but of course nothing works out that way and the Lord is once again teaching me patience and trust, so in order to slow my gears and strengthen my faith, I have been reading a devotional at night when my wheels are spinning out of control. It has really helped me to focus on what is important, the here & now, trusting the Lord and remembering to always put Him first, others second and myself last (which I think is even harder when you are pregnant because you don't want to do much of anything period).
It has really been a blessing. 

I met today with my bible study group to talk about what we are going to study this fall and I have to say I am so looking forward to starting up again. I always miss it when we take breaks (for Christmas or summer) and I am super stoked to get back on track and get back in the word. 

I was thinking today that this time next year Sofia will be starting pre-school, I just can't even believe how fast time is flying. We have about 4 months left until we get to meet Knox and I'm pretty sure I just found out I was pregnant. 

Advice to my children: live every moment like it is your last because before you know it you will be 25 and married with beautiful children of your own, terrified that you are going to simply blink and wake up at 50 and then 70 and then 80 and this beautiful adventure will be winding to an end and you won't get to hug that precious little body or kiss that gooey little face anymore.
Oh yah, and if you ever are trying to decide whether or not you should take a shower, always take the shower.



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