Sunday, August 26, 2012


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Sofia said "Knox" today. 
Well, it sounded more like "Nots," but that's fine by me. 

Sofia knew I was pregnant before I even knew I was pregnant. 
Do you remember me talking about shopping in Walmart (yes, this happens about once a year) and how she leaned forward from the cart and hugged my tummy? She suddenly started doing this and just plain loving on my tummy and when I found out I was pregnant it all made sense.
Well, she hasn't stopped. Only the "loving" has turned into hugs and kisses and laying her sweet head on my belly and even pulling up my shirt and rubbing my belly tenderly while giving it another sweet kiss.

It's amazing how they know. 

So we first started referring to the new addition as the "baby" and Sofia instantly took to that word. "Baby, baby, baby" along with her referencing my tummy, which went on for months. 
Then we found out it was a boy and also that he had a heart problem and when your baby has a problem you have to name him, you don't want to just refer to him as the "baby" anymore. You want to call him by his name, pray for him by name, tell him it's going to be okay by name. 
So we decided on Knox and Knox it is. 

So now, we have been referring to him as "brother" and "Knox" rather than "baby."
Sofia knows that "baby", "brother" and "Knox" all mean the wiggle worm that is inside mommy's belly. 

But today she said "Nots" in reference to my belly. She said it a couple of times, while pulling up my shirt and pointing to my belly and then giving it her little signature pat and kiss. 

It is amazing how they know. 
It is even more amazing how they know it is something to love and to kiss and to hug. 
She is only 16 months old and she understand there is a baby in my belly and that his name is Knox and that she is supposed to love him and be sweet to him. 

God really is GOOD. 


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