Saturday, September 29, 2012

CBC Woman's Retreat & Sofia's First Sleep-Over

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I was very excited to go on the CBC Woman's Retreat this year, my 4th consecutive year. 
Jenny and I were joking about how I am always either pregnant or with a breastfeeding child at the Woman's Retreats now. 
I have a feeling that this will be my last woman's retreat for a while because it was especially tough leaving Sofia and I'm sure it will be doubly tough leaving 2 very small children next year. I guess if the Lord wants me there though he will indeed make sure I am there. 

These retreats are always very fruitful for me. I've had some major realizations at these retreats, I found the Lord at a woman's retreat and I've strengthened beautiful friendships at a CBC woman's retreat, so they are very near and dear to my heart. 
I decided I would just go up for the first night this year and stay most of the following day. Wes is on the road so I left Sofia with some close friends overnight and boy did she have the time of her life. I'm pretty sure she didn't want to leave! 
 Fortunately, my sweet friend knows how hard it is to be a Mommy and leave your childin' so there was no shortage of pictures and videos! Just what this Momma's aching heart needed. Man was I ready to scoop that girl up in my arms and kiss her all over!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good-bye iPhone 3, Hello Picture Paradise!

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Well, as you may have noticed this blog has been lacking in images lately. I've had the original iPhone 3 for about 2-3 years now and it has worked just fine -- so I ever saw the need to upgrade it. Until, well, it stopped working just fine. 
Part of that was my camera, it got really temperamental and slow. 
As you probably know, you can't have a slow camera with a toddler or you just miss everything and well I was so frustrated trying to get the darn thing to load that I just stopped using it. 
I kept using the phone though because well, it still worked for what I needed it for and I wasn't going to spend the money. 
Then one day it decided it was ready to meet it's maker, or at least, it's maker's maker. 
First it fell on the asphalt and cracked to bits. I taped it up, determined to push forward. 
But then (yes, the same day) it fell into the toilet. So RIP dear iPhone 3. 

Finally, I upgraded to the iPhone 4S and although I could care less about that ridiculous Siri nonsense, I am super excited that it has an amazing camera!! Even better, it has a camera that can take images from either side of the phone (meaning you can literally see yourself on the screen as you take a picture). Sofia thinks this is the best idea since sliced bread. 

 The quality on the normal (forward facing) camera is much better, but this is a fun little option and I must say, we really appreciate it.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Revelations

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It is so funny how many times things change when you are a parent. 
You are always having to take inventory and re-evaluate. 

I was recently faced with this revelation (again, and YES, somehow it comes as a revelation every single time). Your children change in some major way, either mentally or physically, as they are growing and maturing and you are suddenly aware that nothing is working anymore and its time to make changes. 

For the longest time, being on the go was what was best for Sofia. She was bored easily in our little shoe box, with no back yard to play in and not much to do. So we pretty much stayed "on the go." I had evolved my work schedule from going in 2 days a week to taking appointments "here & there" because it seemed that Sofia did better with an hour or two of play time a day away from me, rather than two days of 4-5 hours of being away from me. We had a system and it worked exceptionally well. 

Then things changed. She changed. Her brain grew. Her body grew. Her patience even grew. She became a new little person in a matter of a month. She is like a miniature kid now. 

Suddenly our weeks seemed "too busy" and I noticed Sofia starting to act out. I was feeling overwhelmed and I knew that she was feeling overwhelmed and disoriented too. Wes and I sat on the phone for two hours last night tossing all of this around, how I felt, how she has been acting, how everything has sort of climaxed into two very difficult weeks with very little sleep and lots of stress. 
My dear sweet husband is so patient and wise. He seems to always have the right words and advice for me. 

So now we start over. We re-evaluate and reschedule and come up with a new game plan.... again. Because that is part of being a parent -- thinking on your toes, rolling with the punches, constantly adjusting because these little creatures of ours are constantly changing and growing and their needs are in constant evolution. What worked a month ago will not work this month. So you go back to the drawing board. 

I also had the realization that I am just about 7 months pregnant and I am not going to have Sofia to myself much longer. Nor will she have us to herself much longer. Reality is kicking in. This is all about to change. I need to spend more time with her, I need to soak in every second that I get with her and love her up. 

So we have decided that I will go back to working 2 days a week and that I have to cut back on my "on the run" time. I need to plan our weeks out more carefully. 

I was visiting a good friend last week and Sofia was having a tough time (in the middle of a very tough week) and my friend told me how she has realized that sometimes her daughter just needs to be at home. Something clicked for me and I realized that maybe Sofia and I need to spend more time at home. There is a lot of stability in spending time at home and stability is something we all need. I've realized that I'm on the run more because we can't really have people over to our tiny place, so we go to our friends houses instead - so by default we are away from home a lot. Sofia and I are very social and we like to be around our friends, but I think balance is the key and we are embarking on finding a new equilibrium.

So, more little revelations. Grateful as always for little revelations. Grateful for my husband and my friends who all take such a large part in helping us to be better parents (whether they even realize it or not). Grateful for the girls that carry me through and for the words of wisdom that affect me even when the person doesn't realize they said something pivotal. 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

26 Weeks Pregnant

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My body is getting cranky. 

I am 26 weeks pregnant today and I am just now starting to feel unpleasantly pregnant. 

Up until now I have felt great, full of energy, full of excitement, full of life. I'm not joking, half the time I forgot I was even pregnant. I literally just had the best 2nd trimester ever.

Not anymore. 

First came the migraines. Then my belly POPPED out. Now I feel like an overstuffed sausage 60% of the time because I haven't quite stretched out enough to accommodate this new growth. Which is hilarious because I know how much bigger I am still going to get. I'm tired again, all of the time. I'm not getting any sleep, my body is starting to get cranky and uncomfortable which keeps me up most of the night. I'm suddenly starving ALL OF THE TIME and my muscles ache and I'm getting irritable.
My third trimester starts next week and I am starting to feel it, and when I say feel it, I mean feel it. 

Oh man, I'm praying for patience. Patience with this pregnancy and patience for those of you who have to deal with me.
Oh and by the way if I am cranky or hysterical or some other form of crazy, just remember I am miserable and pregnant. 
It's not you, its me.

13 weeks to go!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another First...

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Well, today was a big day for this little family. 
We put our very first offer on a house today. 

It is very surreal to be at the point in your life where you get to make big, huge, scary decisions like this. This is a moment we have dreamed about for so very long and although nothing may come of this, it is a very big first for us that I want to chronicle. 

We have done nothing but pray over this situation and I feel very at peace with it. Either way, the Lord has a plan and I feel very content knowing that. 

No doubt, the end of this year could be a very chaotic time for us, but that too we will survive with God's help. 

This specific house is a short sale, which means it could be months before we hear back on whether or not our offer is approved and for some reason I am okay with that. We will keep looking at houses in the meantime and keep praying for the Lord's leadership in this process. I feel like buying a house in these hard times, after the housing crisis, is very much a well executed dance anyways. If one step is out of place, the whole dance falls to pieces and that is why I have this very real feeling that just like everything else in life, only God can pull this all together exactly the way it needs to be. So we pray for his perfect plan and for content hearts with whatever his will is for this little growing family.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Fall, we meet again.

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It is sprinkling today. 
The air is crisp and I've lit a pumpkin candle for the first time this season. I even enjoyed a pumpkin latte today. It just felt right. 

If you know me at all, you know that my favorite time of year is fall. I long for it year round, I usually decorate on September 1st, I don't waste a day. 

I have a feeling this fall is going to bring many changes for our little family. 

I had an OB appointment today, Doc says he couldn't be happier with this pregnancy and that we have had some good growth! I was so happy to hear this because I feel like I am so small this time around and I was starting to worry if Knox was getting enough, if I was eating enough... I feel like I am keeping myself full, but then again I only weigh 158 lbs and I am 6 months pregnant (remember that I am 5'10"). I'm pretty sure I was at least at 170 by six months with Sofia. I was already in maternity jeans by this point last time, I have pictures to prove it. I'm still in my size 6 Gap skinny jeans AND wearing a belt. It is amazing how different two pregnancies can be, even two so close together.

I barely even notice that I am pregnant I feel so good. Then again I still have about a month of my second trimester left so I am right in the sweet spot. I will say that I am starting to have moments of discomfort and aches in my legs and back, but they are few and far between and nothing that I am not used to. 

Knox is a mover and a shaker. He doesn't stop. He barely sleeps and spends almost all of his time practicing mixed martial arts. His movements are so different than Sofia's were. Sofia was more fluid, she loved to drag her foot or hand across me in long sweeping motions as if she was performing some beautiful dance. Knox's movements are more quick-flinch with lots of jabbing and poking. His movements are very sporadic and impulsive.

Sofia is blossoming once again. I love when her brain explodes and man is it exploding! 

She is really interested in trucks, big diesel trucks. She will hear or see a truck and she will point and say "truck, broom broom." She does this with dogs too and other objects/noises she has saved to memory, but mostly with trucks. So much so that we let her pick out a new book on trucks recently, lets just say it has been a bedtime favorite. 

She now says "wata" in reference to her water or "baba" in reference to her water cup. She has gotten quite good at communicating using words. Today we came home for nap time and she kept saying "night night" which was her way of telling me that she was ready for her nap. She has also mastered the technique of pointing to what she wants or needs and she even grabbed me and pulled me over to show me something the other day. She knows eyes, nose, mouth, hair and teeth and she also knows what it means when I say its is "time to brush our teeth." She loves to brush her teeth. She has also been obeying very well lately which is such a relief after almost a month of reinforcing everything all day long. 

We are still praying for a home for our little growing family and we continue to pray for God's will in our life. It seems as though we are at such a turning point in this particular season of our life and maybe that is what I mean when I say that I feel like fall is going to bring so many changes. It is as if being parents to Sofia has been a transition from our past life into this new life and with Knox's arrival we will officially be rooted into this new little life of ours and we are so excited for that. 
I have to be honest, this is so much more than that ever was. Life is more vivid, more real, more difficult and yet more fulfilling, we wouldn't give this up for the world and we thank God for it every day.



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