Tuesday, September 18, 2012

26 Weeks Pregnant

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My body is getting cranky. 

I am 26 weeks pregnant today and I am just now starting to feel unpleasantly pregnant. 

Up until now I have felt great, full of energy, full of excitement, full of life. I'm not joking, half the time I forgot I was even pregnant. I literally just had the best 2nd trimester ever.

Not anymore. 

First came the migraines. Then my belly POPPED out. Now I feel like an overstuffed sausage 60% of the time because I haven't quite stretched out enough to accommodate this new growth. Which is hilarious because I know how much bigger I am still going to get. I'm tired again, all of the time. I'm not getting any sleep, my body is starting to get cranky and uncomfortable which keeps me up most of the night. I'm suddenly starving ALL OF THE TIME and my muscles ache and I'm getting irritable.
My third trimester starts next week and I am starting to feel it, and when I say feel it, I mean feel it. 

Oh man, I'm praying for patience. Patience with this pregnancy and patience for those of you who have to deal with me.
Oh and by the way if I am cranky or hysterical or some other form of crazy, just remember I am miserable and pregnant. 
It's not you, its me.

13 weeks to go!

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