Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another First...

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Well, today was a big day for this little family. 
We put our very first offer on a house today. 

It is very surreal to be at the point in your life where you get to make big, huge, scary decisions like this. This is a moment we have dreamed about for so very long and although nothing may come of this, it is a very big first for us that I want to chronicle. 

We have done nothing but pray over this situation and I feel very at peace with it. Either way, the Lord has a plan and I feel very content knowing that. 

No doubt, the end of this year could be a very chaotic time for us, but that too we will survive with God's help. 

This specific house is a short sale, which means it could be months before we hear back on whether or not our offer is approved and for some reason I am okay with that. We will keep looking at houses in the meantime and keep praying for the Lord's leadership in this process. I feel like buying a house in these hard times, after the housing crisis, is very much a well executed dance anyways. If one step is out of place, the whole dance falls to pieces and that is why I have this very real feeling that just like everything else in life, only God can pull this all together exactly the way it needs to be. So we pray for his perfect plan and for content hearts with whatever his will is for this little growing family.

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