Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good-bye iPhone 3, Hello Picture Paradise!

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Well, as you may have noticed this blog has been lacking in images lately. I've had the original iPhone 3 for about 2-3 years now and it has worked just fine -- so I ever saw the need to upgrade it. Until, well, it stopped working just fine. 
Part of that was my camera, it got really temperamental and slow. 
As you probably know, you can't have a slow camera with a toddler or you just miss everything and well I was so frustrated trying to get the darn thing to load that I just stopped using it. 
I kept using the phone though because well, it still worked for what I needed it for and I wasn't going to spend the money. 
Then one day it decided it was ready to meet it's maker, or at least, it's maker's maker. 
First it fell on the asphalt and cracked to bits. I taped it up, determined to push forward. 
But then (yes, the same day) it fell into the toilet. So RIP dear iPhone 3. 

Finally, I upgraded to the iPhone 4S and although I could care less about that ridiculous Siri nonsense, I am super excited that it has an amazing camera!! Even better, it has a camera that can take images from either side of the phone (meaning you can literally see yourself on the screen as you take a picture). Sofia thinks this is the best idea since sliced bread. 

 The quality on the normal (forward facing) camera is much better, but this is a fun little option and I must say, we really appreciate it.

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