Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

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Our sweet girl was a fairy or **sprite** this year. Her Nana picked out her costume and I have to say she was pretty darn cute! We didn't go door to door (she's a little too young, maybe next year) but we did go to Nana's house for our traditional pizza & candy night. Wes was so sad that he had to miss Halloween this year because he is on the road for work, so we look forward to going door to door for the first time next year when he can hopefully be here to share in this special first. Afterwords we ran down to Grandma and Papa's house to pop in for a bit and say hello. It was a pretty low-key night, which was exactly what this Momma needed because her pregnant body is starting to get pretty painful!! 


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Dairy Allergy Revisited

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We've recently been curious if Sofia is still allergic to dairy and decided to start doing a home challenge test. 
I gave her a bit of cheese here, a bit of yogurt there and she seemed to have no reaction. 
So we got really excited and started trying larger dairy-packed items. She even ate some pizza with no obvious reaction. 

She did start waking earlier (keep in mind I was already dealing with her sleep problems) and so I didn't see this as a symptom. She also began to have a clear runny nose (but the weather has been changing, including our windy season here in So Cal so I just figured it was a cold/reaction to the dry weather, not to mention a couple of our 'lil friends have had colds recently). 

Sunday we had a blast at a friends Halloween party and Sofia ate two pieces of pizza and some candy and a piece of sheet cake. She didn't seem to have a reaction (still had some congestion and was waking early though). 

Last night I let her try some macaroni and cheese, she didn't seem too interested in it and I'm not sure she ate too much. 

I should have realized that her nose (which seemed to dry up over the weekend) had gotten worse since Sunday and I should have realized that she was now waking up at 6:30AM!! Unfortunately, when you haven't dealt with these symptoms in so long, you tend to attribute them to other things. I was looking for skin reactions and wasn't looking at the big picture. In the past, Sofia would have a skin reaction within an hour of consuming dairy. Not any more. It seems her tolerance is higher and her body isn't as sensitive as it once was but she is definitely still allergic. 

She woke up this morning with rashes on her cheeks (if I was to keep giving her dairy, these would turn into eczema) and a rash all over her belly. Poor girl. 

Well, we tried, but she is definitely still allergic to dairy. Although I feel like her body is processing it better so hopefully the more we keep it out of her system the faster she will overcome her allergy.
So to friends and family, PLEASE do not feed our sweet girl dairy, she is still allergic and the more that we keep it out of her body the higher her chances are that she will overcome her allergy.

Happily I feel like I am seeing a huge improvement in the level of reaction she is having, so I pray that this is a sign that she will indeed be able to enjoy dairy some day in the near future! Until that day however, she will continue to be our little DAIRY FREE baby.

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32 Weeks

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Knox is **supposed** to be about 3.75 lbs according to, but as we know he was already estimated at 3.5 lbs a month ago... so I am going to guess he is in the mid to low 4 lbs range... we will find out in our ultrasound with our Perinatal Specialist next Wednesday. I am supposed to gain a pound a week at this point and about half of that is supposed to go to Knox.
Oh boy, we are in full pregnancy symptom mode! Symptoms include sinus pain/ear ache or pressure, neck pain, back pain, pelvic pain, leg cramps & aches, exhaustion, difficulty sitting, shortness of breath, difficulty walking due to pelvic pain/pressure and nasal drip.
I feel like I am sleeping better than I was about two weeks ago so that is good, but I might also just be used to being awake off and on all night now. I toss and turn quite a bit but I feel like I am sleeping much better than I did my last pregnancy.... perhaps because I am that much more exhausted. LOL.
 Definitely the Stone Family's Halloween Party/Fall Festival. Sofia had so much fun dressing up (you could tell she felt so special and pretty) and she was just so fun to watch as she interacted with her little friends. I couldn't have been more in love with my own daughter! She was such a good girl and sure made this Mama proud!
Oh boy our boy is a mover! He does not stop, he moves-moves-moves. He is all over the place, kicking and punching and wiggling about! I will say that is the one thing I love about being pregnant, feeling your baby move! This boy can move as much as he wants and it will never get old!
I am so looking forward to my shower on Saturday and getting to celebrate sweet Knox with all of my close friends and family!
Wes's work, our finances, a home for our growing family, God's leadership in our family.
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Festival 2012

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Some good friends of ours, the Stone family, throw a big Halloween Fall Festival every year and it is so much fun! They set up carnival like games in their backyard, decorate, put on Halloween music and provide lots of yummy treats! Everyone brings their kiddos dressed in their Halloween attire and it's like a giant toddler party. The kids have a blast!
Sofia rockin' pig tails, getting ready to head over to the party! 
Mommy and Sofia chowing down on pizza (this is when she seemed to have come out of her dairy allergy, only to have a major reaction the next day, man did I feel bad!!)  
All of the kiddos at the craft/face painting table!
Sofia's first attempt at using a bat/hitting a pinata! She did so well!!
That little darlin' has some strength on her!
  Sofia with her little buddy Wyatt!

 We had such a fun time and cannot wait for next year to do it all over again! 
Thank you to the Stone's for putting on such a fun event for our kiddos!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Crib to Bed Diaries - Part 3

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The nights follow the days. 
I remember this from Babywise, it was my motto for the longest time. 
And then everything to do with sleeping got really easy and I forgot all about what I had learned. 

Then it got hard again and I felt ill-equipped, caught off-guard, frustrated and discouraged.

Then I stretched, re-evaluated, got back on top and figured it out.

The life of a Mommy right?

Well, here I am, feeling a little more on top of this situation, seeing progress and ready to talk about it. You've all been following our crib to bed transition and you know how much of a struggle it has been, how much getting Sofia to sleep period has been. I have said this time and again but you have to have a tribe when you are a mom and I am SO very fortunate to have the most supportive and honest tribe --- a tribe that is not afraid to share their regrets, their advice, their encouragement. 
Everyone tells you that once you go forward you can't step backwards.... but what happens when you may have made a mistake? Do you keep pushing your child forward out of your own determination not to go backwards even though they are not ready to go forwards? 
This was another major learning experience for me. 
I had the big realization that sometimes, no matter what everyone is telling us, no matter what we are reading, no matter what is motivating us.... sometimes we just need to be patient and wait for our children to be ready.  Sometimes we have to block everything else out and just be there to support our children, advocate for them and let them "ripen" in their own time. 

So here is what happened:
I touched on our two basic problems in the last post. 
I also came to the very basic realization that Sofia went to bed in her big girl bed just fine at night but would not even consider staying in bed for naptime. In fact, naptime was very quickly spinning out of control and becoming this elaborate game which progressed to no nap at all, followed by terrible nighttime sleeping. The nights follow the days. 

SO... I decided to implement Operation Pack 'N Play. If Sofia got out of bed, she would immediately go into her Pack 'N Play for a nap. This of course happened every day because every day she got out of her bed at naptime. She would cry for about 30 minutes in her Pack 'N Play before falling asleep, but she was getting a nap and her nights were improving... sort of. 

So I came to terms with the fact that our daughter was ready to spend her nights in the big kid bed, but she was not ready to spend her naps in the big kid bed. I don't know why this was so difficult to realize/accept. Maybe because you think if one works the other will have to work too. Plain and simple, she just was not ready. 

So now, she goes straight into her Pack 'N Play for a nap. Guess what? She falls asleep like an angel with zero protest and sleeps her normal 2 hours. Phew. 
AND she goes to bed in her big girl bed, falls asleep with no protest and sleeps the entire night. 
The nights follow the days. 

So that is where we are and I am okay with it.
Like my friend said, sometimes you have to acknowledge that you made a mistake and go back and fix it, you say sorry or do whatever you need to do to make it right. I think I had to once again realize that there is no rule, every situation is different, every child is different, yes there are times when you should push forward, but there are also times when you have to be strong enough to accept that you made a mistake and you have to go back, apologize and fix it. 

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Lil' American Girl

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I made a trip out to the Camarillo Outlets yesterday to try and get some Christmas shopping done and well, because our girl is growing so fast she was in desperate need of some larger socks. We like to buy our socks at Gymboree because they have the cutest all white feminine looking socks. You would be surprised how hard it is to find all-white socks for a toddler girl.
I am a big fan of Gymboree, they make really good quality clothing that just seems to outlast anything else we own... but they are pricey, so hence our trip to the outlet store. Also, they often have amazing sales and together with my Gymbucks (Gymboree rewards points/money) we can usually get by on the sly. 
So I took a look around and came across some jeans that were on sale. I have always been sad that I could never put Sofia in jeans (because of her cloth diaper butt). She wears stretchy pants pretty much 24/7. I've recently begun to think about what the heck Knox is going to wear with his cloth diaper butt because stretchy pants are not going to fly (Wes would KILL me and I think I would KILL me).

I decided I would try these jeans out, they seemed stretchy-ish and I was willing to give them a whirl. 
Well OH HOLY COW, why did I not know about Gymboree jeans until now? I have shopped at this store a million times, but I never touched the jeans because I just assumed they wouldn't work with her cloth diaper butt (we've tried many handy-down jeans and to no avail). 

Oh boy, they are SOOO cute on her! She is such a little American girl! I am just in LOVE with these jeans on our sweet babe! What is even better is they come with a waste that can be tightened or loosened (part of the reason I think they work so well). 
Well, I have a feeling these jeans are going to get a lot of use because this Mommy is in LOVE with her sweet girls jean butt!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Santa

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We've been getting a lot of questions about what to get Sofia for Christmas this year, especially since this will be her first sort of "real" Christmas experience (she was only 8 months old last year and I'm pretty sure she slept through all of our gift opening). I have to say, you guys are on it! I have barely started my shopping and I really need to get it done before December this year! We are so grateful that so many people love our sweet girl and are so interested in what she loves.

Dear SANTA, 
I have been a very good girl this year. I help Mommy out as much as I can and have even learned to pick up my own toys and put my clothes away. I have been working extra hard this year and I have learned to crawl, walk, run, tumble, feed myself, talk, sign, hug, kiss and the list goes on! I am very excited for the birth of my new baby brother and I hug and kiss Mommy's belly every night! Mommy told me to make a list of the things I love and here it is: 
- Books (I read every night with Mommy and Daddy and often all by myself! In fact Mommy has found me asleep in bed surrounded by my books more times than she can count!)
- Kitchen Supplies (I love cooking for Mommy & Daddy. I would really like some real wood kitchen supplies - food, pots, pans, utensils etc., I get very excited whenever I see these sets at Michael's craft store.) 

- Regular Clothes (I really need some winter clothing or clothing meant for colder weather. I don't need any pants, but I do need short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts, jackets and pajamas in size 2T.)

-Dress Up Clothes (I love love love playing dress up and often get into my drawers and pull out all of my clothes just so I can practice dressing myself. I love going to my friends house and putting on her princess dresses and shoes.)
-Toys (Mommy says I don't need any more toys because she doesn't have any room for them, but that doesn't mean I don't want them! If you really want to get me toys I love educational toys that help me to learn, I also love cars and trucks and musical instruments.)
-Disney Movies (I am starting to get really interested in Disney movies. I only have the movie Cars and I love it, but Daddy told me that there are a lot of Disney Classics that I will love too.)
- Gift Cards (Mommy and Daddy said that sometimes people like to get gift cards and I love to shop at Target, I get all of my baby supplies there. I also shop at Trader Joe's and that is where I get all of my food and snacks. We also shop at Luxe Baby downtown because they sell cloth diapering supplies to keep my tiny bee-hiny happy and healthy.)

I am really excited for Christmas this year, Daddy has started to tell me more about you Santa and also about how I am getting a brother for Christmas. I am excited to put up our Christmas decorations and to meet my new baby brother!

Sofia Belle

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Crib to Bed Diaries - Part 2

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So the transition from crib to bed hasn't exactly been the smoothest process. Overall, I'm starting to feel like I should have waited to transition Sofia. I think I feel that way because I haven't seen a ton of progress and I am sort of at an impasse on what to do. 

There are two problems at hand. 
The first is that Sofia has hit the 18 month sleep regression phase (which seems to be more common than I originally thought). She is having bad dreams or some sort of turbulent nighttime experience that is causing her to wake up screaming/crying in the night or early morning. I don't think it is night terrors because from what I have read, toddlers don't actually wake up when they are having night terrors and Sofia will wake up screaming and get out of bed and attempt to open her door to get to me, after which she is very attached to me and will not go back to sleep unless I am near her (at least in the same room). This started shortly before I transitioned her and I am not sure that it would make a difference for her, but it has sort of compounded my frustration with this whole sleep situation. 
The second is that I cannot get her to take a nap in her new bed. She goes to bed at night just fine but will not go down for a nap. She could be absolutely exhausted and on the verge of passing out and I will put her in her bed and it is like hitting the restart button. Suddenly she is full of energy, the world is her oyster and on top of that -- we are playing a game. Now, I'm not playing a game (that's for sure), but in Sofia's head we are. She gets out of bed, I put her back in bed, she waits until I leave and then she gets out of bed (happy as a clam, full of energy and excited to come out and "show" me that it's my turn (i.e her turn is getting out of bed, my turn is putting her back into bed). It's ridiculous. 
I've tried everything I could think of on my own. It has come to the point where she only takes a nap if she falls asleep in the truck and I put her sleeping body into her bed. If I put her in bed awake she does not take a nap.

It is beyond exhausting. I think it is even more difficult because I went from having a child that slept 12 hours straight at night and took a 2-3 hour nap to having a child that is extremely inconsistent and resistant to sleep. It's like having an infant again. Which is hilarious since I will have an infant again soon.... is this all just one big terrible joke? 
So, after talking with some close friends who are indeed more seasoned than me in motherhood, I have come up with a new game plan... a couple of things actually. 
I am going to set up the pack-n-play in her room and if she gets out of bed during nap time she will go straight into the pack-n-play. I am hoping this containment will be seen as a "consequence" rather than a "game" and I think it will. Once she is in the pack-n-play she will stay in the pack-n-play for her nap time. If she cries, well darn, she cries. My philosophy is naptime is naptime and it is not negotiable. If I have to re-sleep-train my 18 month old then well darn, I'm going to re-sleep-train my 18 month old. 
Now in regards to the 18 month sleep regression or whatever it may be, I am considering a few possibilities. I feel like her main need here is comfort and that is why she wakes up in search of me. Whether its from a bad dream or what have you, she is in search of Mom because Mom=comfort and safety. So I am considering:
A. making her bed more comfortable (her mattress is very hard and her waterproof liner makes noises when you move)
B. leaving her door open and getting a baby gate rather than shutting her door
C. adding a night-light
D. adding peaceful nighttime music
So tomorrow we will embark on our new, fresh attempt at getting this situation under control. 
Important parenting lesson learned: do not try anything new when there are unresolved issues at hand. For instance, Sofia was already beginning to show sleep issues and I feel that I should have held off on "adding to the mix" by transitioning her to a big girl bed until she was over her 18 month sleep issues and back to normal. I was purely motivated by the fact that I didn't want her to associate loosing her crib with her new brother (i.e. giving her 2 months in a new bed before he arrived), but that should not have been my motivating factor. My motivating factor should have purely been her own readiness.

Lesson learned.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

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Oh I am in heaven!
It actually rained yesterday. Now, I am sitting in bed **relaxing** with the cool FALL breeze and the smell of fires burning somewhere in the distance. Is this really happening? I really hope this is really it and not just another "fooled ya!" followed by another oddly tropical heat wave. 
Boy, I have been ready for this for months. It is turning my entire mood around, I had no idea how much the heat was really affecting me. I've heard it a million times and it is so true, heat and pregnancy do not mix.

We made it out to the pumpkin patch and boy did we have fun. Sofia was way more fun this year (obviously at 6 months old she pretty much just sat in the wheel barrel and drooled), she was hugging the pumpkins and trying to pick them up, running around, petting the goats and just having a good ol' fashioned 18 month old pumpkin patch blast! 
Wes had so much fun picking out pumpkins. I asked him to pick out one big one and two teensy ones (for the kids) and when we got home I realized that there was one large one, one medium one and two teensy ones. He said he had to get one for me too. Haha. So there is a pumpkin family living on our front porch right now, it is pretty cute. 

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The Overwelming Urge to Nest

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So Knox will be here in two months (exactly) and I am in full nesting mode. Once I accepted the fact that we were going to have 2 under 2 in this tiny condo (hopefully not for too long, but that will be God's decision, not ours), I realized that we would have to make a lot of changes to make it work. 
 At first, the overwhelming urge to nest caused me to do some really stupid things (like move a dresser into the closet and move our bed against the wall all by my 30 week pregnant self AND while I was home alone with a toddler... WOW I'm stupid). I got yelled at by both my husband and two of my friends (rightfully so), but any woman who has ever been pregnant and suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to make things a certain way will know and understand that it really was out of my control.
I realize it was very stupid and I shouldn't have done it and I suffered from extreme exhaustion and terrible side cramps/spasms the entire next day and was laid up on the couch (by my husbands orders) and was very angry with myself for being so silly. I'm just not used to not being able to just push myself. I forget that my body really does have it's limits right now and I am fully aware now that I need to respect those limits (you would think I would have already realized that, given that this is my second pregnancy).
Fortunately for me, I have a very supportive and understanding husband (not to mention brother and sister-in-law). Nate and Meg came over and spent the entire day helping us (when I say us, I mean Wes) move furniture (which was not easy). It involved taking the crib apart  and putting it back together just to move it over one room (because of the tiny hallway and the bad angle) as well as taking Sofia's new bed apart to get it down the hallway and into her room. It also involved moving heavy furniture in (up the stairs) and moving unnecessary furniture out (down the stairs). This all of course has lead to having to re-organize the garage and the house (which was on my nesting list anyways). Wes took care of the garage and I am taking care of the house one step at a time. 
(At least Sofia's room is clean and finished, one down... haha) 
Anything that is unnecessary or hasn't been used in the two years that we have been here is either being packed away or disposed of, including clothing, shoes, books, kitchen items, linens etc.  
So our house is upside down, but in the last day it has already been turned 50% right side up (thanks to this cooler weather and some sort of divine inspiration/energy). I'm thinking the mission will be fully accomplished by the end of October (the heat sort of slammed on my breaks for about a week). Pictures (to redeem myself of course) to follow.
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. 

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Friday, October 19, 2012

4/9 Year Anniversary

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Yesterday was October 18th and it was our four year wedding anniversary (and nine year relationship anniversary). Time goes by so fast. 
 It also marked the 2 month countdown until Knox's c-section date (12/18). 
Phew. Time really does go by so fast. 

We got very lucky yesterday and Wes was randomly home from work. It was pretty fun to get to actually spend our anniversary together. We had some sweet friends offer to watch Sofia in the evening so that we could spend a couple of hours alone together.

The funniest thing is we didn't even know what to do with ourselves. It's like, you have these moments where you are just praying that someone will offer to take your child, but when it actually happens you just sort of feel lost and don't know what to do. The worst part is, you miss them so much you have a hard time even enjoying your little break. 
Wes and I were pretty full from our lunch so we decided to just drive around (haha) and we drove by the mall and decided to walk it. What is even more ridiculous is that we pretty much only went into baby/kid stores and I barely made it through the mall. I was so worn out I melted back into my seat in the truck and we just continued to drive through town,  just taking in the beauty of our city and the sunset over the ocean in **silence**. It was pretty amazing to be honest.

Yes, that is where we are at in life. This place where getting to drive alone in the car, playing music loud and not having to think are all huge blessings. We would rather sit in our truck, sharing in our own little conversation than go to a restaurant and have to deal with a million other noises and people and things. 
Sleep would've been good too.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Crib to Bed Diaries - Part 1

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Well, we moved Sofia into her big girl bed four nights ago.

She absolutely LOVES her new bed (so does Mommy). 
She sleeps really well in her new bed (once she falls asleep). 
She just wont stop playing on her new bed long enough to fall asleep. 

Well, that's not entirely true. She does pretty well at nighttime and we are seeing major progress. 
Night #1: 1 hour of play, got out of bed once
Night #2: 1.5 hours of play, got out of bed twice 
Night #3: 30 minutes of quite movement/singing, never got out
Tonight (Night #4): 10 minutes of movement, got out acting very needy and mommy sang her to sleep (but then again she didn't get a nap today and that tends to throw her off)
Naptime is a completely different story. 
I feel like we are actually regressing. 
She is full of life and energy, in a great mood, very playful and completely resistant to taking a nap. 
The first 3 days she took anywhere from 1.5-2 hours to fall asleep with major action on my part (putting her back in bed, telling her to lay her head down, even disciplining her for sneaking out and playing with her toys, sitting in her doorway until she fell asleep etc. etc.). Today, after 2 hours I finally gave up (partially because I needed to return a call to our Broker and I couldn't do both) and well, she never got a nap today. 
She was in a great mood all day, but let me tell you, this momma needs her daughter to take a nap. I'm not sure if doing this 2 months before our new baby comes was really smart or really dumb, I guess it could go either way. The nap thing is really hard on me, but we can't go back now and she does sleep really well at night and she does love the darn thing. 
Maybe the novelty just needs to wear off and the bed will become a bed and not the world's coolest jungle gym. 
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sofia's 18 Month Update

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Sofia is 18 months old! 

I can hardly believe it!

She is really developing into quite the little girl.
We don't see the doctor until next month, but based on my measurements, she is 32" tall (standing) and weighs 30lbs.
Her hair bleached out BLONDE this summer and her eyes are STILL blue.
She has 14 teeth (4 of which are molars and 2 of which have just barely cut as of this week). 

Her personality is a strong one and man is she determined, but she is also sweet and loving and playful and just tons of fun!

Sofia is taking on all sorts of new talents!
  •  She has successfully accomplished all of her 18 month milestones and in fact, all of the "advanced skills" listed for an 18 month old and is even dipping into the 20 month+ milestones.
  • She is beginning to mimic and will repeat 80% of the words that you say to her. 
  • She can tell me (using the appropriate words) that she is hungry, thirsty, tired, that she went to the bathroom (and distinguishes between the two) etc.
  • She loves to play with cars and trucks and even cuddles her baby doll and feeds her with a little bottle, she makes the appropriate sounds for all of her toys.
  • She loves to draw pictures and understands that we only draw on paper, she will actually go into the computer cabinet and get paper out so that she can draw with her crayons.
  • She is really into playing dress up and trying to dress herself, she understands that each item goes on a specific part of your body and will try to put that item on.
  • She loves to brush hair and teeth and will even try to clean her own ears if you aren't careful. 
  • She has really become quite the little dancer and will even dance if you ask her to. 
  • She is excellent at saying "please" when she wants something, we are working on saying "thank you" once she gets what she asked for, but she hasn't ever actually said "thank you" so I am not sure she can say it yet.
  • She will grab your hand and direct you over to where she wants you to go. 
  • She now sleeps with a pillow. 
Not all of her new talents are positive, some we are struggling with and are working on eliminating or finding solutions to:
  • She is suddenly absolutely horrible in restaurants. She gets more loud as the noise level in the restaurant goes up, she does not sit still and she has even had to be carried out while screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing a fit. This is all very sudden (as of this week) and unexpected and we are working on getting it under control, but until then, no eating out for this family period.
  • She is suddenly struggling to go to sleep and even waking in the night or early in the morning. This doesn't happen every night, but has happened about 4-5 times in the last two weeks. 
  • She is experiencing moments of stranger anxiety in situations where she normally would have been calm and she is also responding to strange noises with fear. 
She sure is a ton of fun though! Yes she wears me out, BIG TIME, but then again, I AM 7.5 months pregnant. This special girl is such a blessing and such a joy to be around. We thank the Lord for her every day and are just having so much fun watching her grow and develop!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Leavin' it Up to the Lord

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This whole home buying process is tough stuff. 
We heard from our agent today that the bank just accepted a lower all-cash offer on the house we had put an offer on. I don't think the bank had even seen our offer yet. Still, cash is king and short sales are tricky little monsters. 
The funny thing is, I don't feel sad or really anything besides calm and okay. 
That's God right there. 
I know this because if I was just being me, I would be freaking out over everything. Over the fact that we have a another baby coming in 2.5 months, over the fact that there are no houses on the market, over the fact that everything is out of my hands and the timing is chaotic and on and on. 
Instead, I just feel calm. Super calm. 
I've been praying over everything, praying for God's will, praying for God's perfect plan for our family, giving it all to God. 
Well, I feel at peace with everything and that is the Lord, not me.
It's funny how leavin' it up to the Lord can do that. 

So we wait. Patiently. While God shows His plan for our family. 

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Last OB Appointment of the Week (haha)

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Had a great OB appointment today with our regular doctor (i.e. not our specialist). 
He confirmed what our specialist had told me Wednesday, this baby is indeed big! He says I am measuring quite large and that there has been some "great growth." Yay! Go Knox Go! 
The funny thing is, I am TINY compared to last time. 
I was even joking with my nurse about it and so we checked my chart and guess what!? 
At 28 weeks with Sofia I weighed 185 lbs. 
At 28 weeks with Knox (now) I weigh 163 lbs. 
No. You do not need your glasses. 
I am 22 lbs lighter. 
That is no small amount. 
No wonder I am so uncomfortable, this baby is HUGE and has NO WHERE to go!!
Just goes to show that you do not need to eat everything just because you are pregnant (like I obviously believed the last time). 
 Anyways, it looks like we are going to schedule our c-section for December 18th at the butt crack of dawn! I was hoping for the 14th, but the hospital will not allow us to schedule it earlier than a week before. However, our Doc says that if I go into labor early then we will just do it earlier. So I am happy either way. No matter what I will be out of the hospital before Christmas eve day and that is what I wanted. Success! 
I am just waiting to get a confirmation call on that date & time and then we will be all set!

Okay, so I think it is safe to say that I will deliver UNDER the 200lbs mark this time. 
Go me!
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

28 Weeks & Good News Indeed

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Our little man at 28 weeks gestation. 
 Hello 3rd trimester!
2 months and 12 days left to go
We had a great appointment with our perinatal specialist today. Everything looks great, no sign of genetic defects, the hole in his heart is completely closed (or too small for an ultrasound to pick up which means too small for it to even matter). His blood flow is excellent and he is a non-stop little mover. Boy does he look like his Daddy. I was cracking up (and of course tearing up) during the ultrasound. And guess what, I got my update yesterday telling me our baby should be about 2.25 lbs and how big is our baby? An estimated 3.5 lbs. I'm not surprised.
Here is my belly at 28 weeks.
Your going to laugh, but it is just beginning to set in that we are having another baby. I have to admit, I'm starting to get a little more excited and a little less scared. HA. Wes says he already doesn't get to sleep so he's not worried about it. HAHA. I am so blessed and so excited to see what the Lord has in store for this little family.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Get a Toddler Excited About New Sheets

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Wes and I decided that we weren't going to buy a second crib for Knox. We decided we would transition Sofia to a "big kid bed" before Knox arrived, which meant transitioning her in October so she would have a couple of months to acclimate before she saw someone else in her crib. We don't want her to associate "loosing" her crib with her new brother. 

SO... October is now upon us and I'm debating over waiting until November... we are going to talk about it this weekend. However, I finally found bedding that I liked at a reasonable price for her new twin bed. I've been searching for some time to no avail and well, to be honest, I found plenty that I loved, but not that I loved at those ridiculous prices! 

Enter Marshall's! Meg and I decided we would go check out Marshall's and well, wouldn't you know it, it was worth the trip! 

Look at these sweet little vintage looking ballerina sheets! 
I also found a super fun white-shabby-ruffled comforter set for only $25! On top of that, we walked down to Anna's Linens and Meg found the perfect pink chenille sham for under $10! I may turn it into two pillows, I am not sure quite yet until I put it all together (images to follow of course!). 

So, in order to start to get Sofia comfortable with all this "new-ness" I decided a good old fashioned sheet tent was in order. She instantly fell in love!
And of course she got her very first pillow. 
I think that may be her favorite part! 
 Well, wish us luck. We are taking it slow on the transition and praying for success!

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