Friday, October 19, 2012

4/9 Year Anniversary

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Yesterday was October 18th and it was our four year wedding anniversary (and nine year relationship anniversary). Time goes by so fast. 
 It also marked the 2 month countdown until Knox's c-section date (12/18). 
Phew. Time really does go by so fast. 

We got very lucky yesterday and Wes was randomly home from work. It was pretty fun to get to actually spend our anniversary together. We had some sweet friends offer to watch Sofia in the evening so that we could spend a couple of hours alone together.

The funniest thing is we didn't even know what to do with ourselves. It's like, you have these moments where you are just praying that someone will offer to take your child, but when it actually happens you just sort of feel lost and don't know what to do. The worst part is, you miss them so much you have a hard time even enjoying your little break. 
Wes and I were pretty full from our lunch so we decided to just drive around (haha) and we drove by the mall and decided to walk it. What is even more ridiculous is that we pretty much only went into baby/kid stores and I barely made it through the mall. I was so worn out I melted back into my seat in the truck and we just continued to drive through town,  just taking in the beauty of our city and the sunset over the ocean in **silence**. It was pretty amazing to be honest.

Yes, that is where we are at in life. This place where getting to drive alone in the car, playing music loud and not having to think are all huge blessings. We would rather sit in our truck, sharing in our own little conversation than go to a restaurant and have to deal with a million other noises and people and things. 
Sleep would've been good too.

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