Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Dairy Allergy Revisited

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We've recently been curious if Sofia is still allergic to dairy and decided to start doing a home challenge test. 
I gave her a bit of cheese here, a bit of yogurt there and she seemed to have no reaction. 
So we got really excited and started trying larger dairy-packed items. She even ate some pizza with no obvious reaction. 

She did start waking earlier (keep in mind I was already dealing with her sleep problems) and so I didn't see this as a symptom. She also began to have a clear runny nose (but the weather has been changing, including our windy season here in So Cal so I just figured it was a cold/reaction to the dry weather, not to mention a couple of our 'lil friends have had colds recently). 

Sunday we had a blast at a friends Halloween party and Sofia ate two pieces of pizza and some candy and a piece of sheet cake. She didn't seem to have a reaction (still had some congestion and was waking early though). 

Last night I let her try some macaroni and cheese, she didn't seem too interested in it and I'm not sure she ate too much. 

I should have realized that her nose (which seemed to dry up over the weekend) had gotten worse since Sunday and I should have realized that she was now waking up at 6:30AM!! Unfortunately, when you haven't dealt with these symptoms in so long, you tend to attribute them to other things. I was looking for skin reactions and wasn't looking at the big picture. In the past, Sofia would have a skin reaction within an hour of consuming dairy. Not any more. It seems her tolerance is higher and her body isn't as sensitive as it once was but she is definitely still allergic. 

She woke up this morning with rashes on her cheeks (if I was to keep giving her dairy, these would turn into eczema) and a rash all over her belly. Poor girl. 

Well, we tried, but she is definitely still allergic to dairy. Although I feel like her body is processing it better so hopefully the more we keep it out of her system the faster she will overcome her allergy.
So to friends and family, PLEASE do not feed our sweet girl dairy, she is still allergic and the more that we keep it out of her body the higher her chances are that she will overcome her allergy.

Happily I feel like I am seeing a huge improvement in the level of reaction she is having, so I pray that this is a sign that she will indeed be able to enjoy dairy some day in the near future! Until that day however, she will continue to be our little DAIRY FREE baby.

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