Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Santa

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We've been getting a lot of questions about what to get Sofia for Christmas this year, especially since this will be her first sort of "real" Christmas experience (she was only 8 months old last year and I'm pretty sure she slept through all of our gift opening). I have to say, you guys are on it! I have barely started my shopping and I really need to get it done before December this year! We are so grateful that so many people love our sweet girl and are so interested in what she loves.

Dear SANTA, 
I have been a very good girl this year. I help Mommy out as much as I can and have even learned to pick up my own toys and put my clothes away. I have been working extra hard this year and I have learned to crawl, walk, run, tumble, feed myself, talk, sign, hug, kiss and the list goes on! I am very excited for the birth of my new baby brother and I hug and kiss Mommy's belly every night! Mommy told me to make a list of the things I love and here it is: 
- Books (I read every night with Mommy and Daddy and often all by myself! In fact Mommy has found me asleep in bed surrounded by my books more times than she can count!)
- Kitchen Supplies (I love cooking for Mommy & Daddy. I would really like some real wood kitchen supplies - food, pots, pans, utensils etc., I get very excited whenever I see these sets at Michael's craft store.) 

- Regular Clothes (I really need some winter clothing or clothing meant for colder weather. I don't need any pants, but I do need short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts, jackets and pajamas in size 2T.)

-Dress Up Clothes (I love love love playing dress up and often get into my drawers and pull out all of my clothes just so I can practice dressing myself. I love going to my friends house and putting on her princess dresses and shoes.)
-Toys (Mommy says I don't need any more toys because she doesn't have any room for them, but that doesn't mean I don't want them! If you really want to get me toys I love educational toys that help me to learn, I also love cars and trucks and musical instruments.)
-Disney Movies (I am starting to get really interested in Disney movies. I only have the movie Cars and I love it, but Daddy told me that there are a lot of Disney Classics that I will love too.)
- Gift Cards (Mommy and Daddy said that sometimes people like to get gift cards and I love to shop at Target, I get all of my baby supplies there. I also shop at Trader Joe's and that is where I get all of my food and snacks. We also shop at Luxe Baby downtown because they sell cloth diapering supplies to keep my tiny bee-hiny happy and healthy.)

I am really excited for Christmas this year, Daddy has started to tell me more about you Santa and also about how I am getting a brother for Christmas. I am excited to put up our Christmas decorations and to meet my new baby brother!

Sofia Belle

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