Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Get a Toddler Excited About New Sheets

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Wes and I decided that we weren't going to buy a second crib for Knox. We decided we would transition Sofia to a "big kid bed" before Knox arrived, which meant transitioning her in October so she would have a couple of months to acclimate before she saw someone else in her crib. We don't want her to associate "loosing" her crib with her new brother. 

SO... October is now upon us and I'm debating over waiting until November... we are going to talk about it this weekend. However, I finally found bedding that I liked at a reasonable price for her new twin bed. I've been searching for some time to no avail and well, to be honest, I found plenty that I loved, but not that I loved at those ridiculous prices! 

Enter Marshall's! Meg and I decided we would go check out Marshall's and well, wouldn't you know it, it was worth the trip! 

Look at these sweet little vintage looking ballerina sheets! 
I also found a super fun white-shabby-ruffled comforter set for only $25! On top of that, we walked down to Anna's Linens and Meg found the perfect pink chenille sham for under $10! I may turn it into two pillows, I am not sure quite yet until I put it all together (images to follow of course!). 

So, in order to start to get Sofia comfortable with all this "new-ness" I decided a good old fashioned sheet tent was in order. She instantly fell in love!
And of course she got her very first pillow. 
I think that may be her favorite part! 
 Well, wish us luck. We are taking it slow on the transition and praying for success!

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