Friday, October 5, 2012

Last OB Appointment of the Week (haha)

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Had a great OB appointment today with our regular doctor (i.e. not our specialist). 
He confirmed what our specialist had told me Wednesday, this baby is indeed big! He says I am measuring quite large and that there has been some "great growth." Yay! Go Knox Go! 
The funny thing is, I am TINY compared to last time. 
I was even joking with my nurse about it and so we checked my chart and guess what!? 
At 28 weeks with Sofia I weighed 185 lbs. 
At 28 weeks with Knox (now) I weigh 163 lbs. 
No. You do not need your glasses. 
I am 22 lbs lighter. 
That is no small amount. 
No wonder I am so uncomfortable, this baby is HUGE and has NO WHERE to go!!
Just goes to show that you do not need to eat everything just because you are pregnant (like I obviously believed the last time). 
 Anyways, it looks like we are going to schedule our c-section for December 18th at the butt crack of dawn! I was hoping for the 14th, but the hospital will not allow us to schedule it earlier than a week before. However, our Doc says that if I go into labor early then we will just do it earlier. So I am happy either way. No matter what I will be out of the hospital before Christmas eve day and that is what I wanted. Success! 
I am just waiting to get a confirmation call on that date & time and then we will be all set!

Okay, so I think it is safe to say that I will deliver UNDER the 200lbs mark this time. 
Go me!
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