Monday, October 8, 2012

Leavin' it Up to the Lord

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This whole home buying process is tough stuff. 
We heard from our agent today that the bank just accepted a lower all-cash offer on the house we had put an offer on. I don't think the bank had even seen our offer yet. Still, cash is king and short sales are tricky little monsters. 
The funny thing is, I don't feel sad or really anything besides calm and okay. 
That's God right there. 
I know this because if I was just being me, I would be freaking out over everything. Over the fact that we have a another baby coming in 2.5 months, over the fact that there are no houses on the market, over the fact that everything is out of my hands and the timing is chaotic and on and on. 
Instead, I just feel calm. Super calm. 
I've been praying over everything, praying for God's will, praying for God's perfect plan for our family, giving it all to God. 
Well, I feel at peace with everything and that is the Lord, not me.
It's funny how leavin' it up to the Lord can do that. 

So we wait. Patiently. While God shows His plan for our family. 

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