Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Lil' American Girl

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I made a trip out to the Camarillo Outlets yesterday to try and get some Christmas shopping done and well, because our girl is growing so fast she was in desperate need of some larger socks. We like to buy our socks at Gymboree because they have the cutest all white feminine looking socks. You would be surprised how hard it is to find all-white socks for a toddler girl.
I am a big fan of Gymboree, they make really good quality clothing that just seems to outlast anything else we own... but they are pricey, so hence our trip to the outlet store. Also, they often have amazing sales and together with my Gymbucks (Gymboree rewards points/money) we can usually get by on the sly. 
So I took a look around and came across some jeans that were on sale. I have always been sad that I could never put Sofia in jeans (because of her cloth diaper butt). She wears stretchy pants pretty much 24/7. I've recently begun to think about what the heck Knox is going to wear with his cloth diaper butt because stretchy pants are not going to fly (Wes would KILL me and I think I would KILL me).

I decided I would try these jeans out, they seemed stretchy-ish and I was willing to give them a whirl. 
Well OH HOLY COW, why did I not know about Gymboree jeans until now? I have shopped at this store a million times, but I never touched the jeans because I just assumed they wouldn't work with her cloth diaper butt (we've tried many handy-down jeans and to no avail). 

Oh boy, they are SOOO cute on her! She is such a little American girl! I am just in LOVE with these jeans on our sweet babe! What is even better is they come with a waste that can be tightened or loosened (part of the reason I think they work so well). 
Well, I have a feeling these jeans are going to get a lot of use because this Mommy is in LOVE with her sweet girls jean butt!

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