Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sofia's 18 Month Update

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Sofia is 18 months old! 

I can hardly believe it!

She is really developing into quite the little girl.
We don't see the doctor until next month, but based on my measurements, she is 32" tall (standing) and weighs 30lbs.
Her hair bleached out BLONDE this summer and her eyes are STILL blue.
She has 14 teeth (4 of which are molars and 2 of which have just barely cut as of this week). 

Her personality is a strong one and man is she determined, but she is also sweet and loving and playful and just tons of fun!

Sofia is taking on all sorts of new talents!
  •  She has successfully accomplished all of her 18 month milestones and in fact, all of the "advanced skills" listed for an 18 month old and is even dipping into the 20 month+ milestones.
  • She is beginning to mimic and will repeat 80% of the words that you say to her. 
  • She can tell me (using the appropriate words) that she is hungry, thirsty, tired, that she went to the bathroom (and distinguishes between the two) etc.
  • She loves to play with cars and trucks and even cuddles her baby doll and feeds her with a little bottle, she makes the appropriate sounds for all of her toys.
  • She loves to draw pictures and understands that we only draw on paper, she will actually go into the computer cabinet and get paper out so that she can draw with her crayons.
  • She is really into playing dress up and trying to dress herself, she understands that each item goes on a specific part of your body and will try to put that item on.
  • She loves to brush hair and teeth and will even try to clean her own ears if you aren't careful. 
  • She has really become quite the little dancer and will even dance if you ask her to. 
  • She is excellent at saying "please" when she wants something, we are working on saying "thank you" once she gets what she asked for, but she hasn't ever actually said "thank you" so I am not sure she can say it yet.
  • She will grab your hand and direct you over to where she wants you to go. 
  • She now sleeps with a pillow. 
Not all of her new talents are positive, some we are struggling with and are working on eliminating or finding solutions to:
  • She is suddenly absolutely horrible in restaurants. She gets more loud as the noise level in the restaurant goes up, she does not sit still and she has even had to be carried out while screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing a fit. This is all very sudden (as of this week) and unexpected and we are working on getting it under control, but until then, no eating out for this family period.
  • She is suddenly struggling to go to sleep and even waking in the night or early in the morning. This doesn't happen every night, but has happened about 4-5 times in the last two weeks. 
  • She is experiencing moments of stranger anxiety in situations where she normally would have been calm and she is also responding to strange noises with fear. 
She sure is a ton of fun though! Yes she wears me out, BIG TIME, but then again, I AM 7.5 months pregnant. This special girl is such a blessing and such a joy to be around. We thank the Lord for her every day and are just having so much fun watching her grow and develop!

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