Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas is Coming

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Well, it is that time of year! 
I decided a couple of months ago that I wasn't going to get carried away with the holidays this year. I knew I didn't have the energy and with Wes being away so much, decorating just seemed to have lost its luster. I've realized that a lot of the things I normally do, I do for Wes and when he is gone I just loose the urge to do them. I know I need to change this mind frame, especially since I have the most precious little baby girl that I could do them for instead, but I don't think I was really aware of this until recently. So I almost became the Grinch and it was completely by accident.

Fortunately, my husband put his big Georgia Boot-ed foot down and said no. He told me about five times how sad he was that I didn't decorate for Fall this year (Fall is my favorite, but like I said - the urge was lost). This sort of shocked me, I had always thought I was the only one that appreciated my holiday decor. It was so much fun to realize how much he really loves all of the hard work I put into making our home festive each year. 
There was no way I was getting away with not decorating for Christmas. I even tried to talk him into letting me get a fake tree this year... all kinds of crazy ideas sprung out of my pregnancy induced attempts at self preservation. All I could think about was the fact that Christmas will come a week after Knox is born (to the day) and there is no way I am going to be cleaning all of that up with a toddler and a brand new baby ALL WHILE recovering from major abdominal surgery.

So Wes laid it on the line - we were decorating for Christmas AND we were going to get a real tree and he would do all of the post-holiday cleaning. I was not going to deprive our daughter of her first real Christmas experience.
I love that man. I love even more how he calls me out on my foolishness and my horribly selfish attempt to unwittingly steal Sofia's first real Christmas. I wasn't looking at it that way, but now that the decorations are up and the tree is lit, the joy and wonder that I see on my little girls face makes me not even care about any of the other stuff. I can't believe I didn't think she would notice. I can't believe I almost stole her Christmas. Pregnancy makes you do and think crazy things. 
I fell in love with the ribbon garland my friend Brittany made for Knox's baby shower so much so that I re-purposed it for our tree. She had made it out of green, yellow and cream colored ribbons and I removed the yellow and replaced it with reds & golds. It isn't quite long enough for the tree but I just love it so much that I don't care! I plan on making another for our tree next year so it can wrap around twice. I love the idea of making it out of the fabric ribbon from our gifts so that it holds meaning and history for our family.
Sofia is in love with all of our Santa's, she just can't get enough of that jolly fat man!
 Another of Brittany's shower creations that I just had to re-purpose, especially since this will be such a special Christmas for our little family.
 Our front door (baby gate and all).
 Daddy and Sofia cuddling while Mommy decorates (Sofia just loves to look at all of the pictures that Wes takes on his phone).
All done and my feet still aren't swollen. With less than three weeks until I give birth it is hard to believe I haven't even started to swell! This sweet boy has been pretty easy on my body (except for the feeling that my pelvis is going to crack in half). Haha.

Well, Merry Christmas! We so look forward to this special Christmas with our children. It's hard to believe we are going to have two kiddos by Christmas day! 


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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sofia's First ER Trip

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We had our very first trip to the emergency room tonight.
Sofia had what they call "Nursemaid's Elbow," which is really a fancy name for a dislocated elbow. It has its very own name because it is SO darn common in Peds. From the sounds of it, toddler's come in with them all the time because their young joints are so loose and they are often lifted/swung by their arms causing a dislocation.

The funny part is that Wes has been home for over a week now and had to leave for work in Fresno this afternoon, so I guess the good Lord is testing my Mommy strength! I did manage to "speed walk" our 30 lb toddler and a diaper bag full of ER supplies (food, water, toys, diapers, blanket etc.) from the parking garage to the ER annex without going into labor. I don't think that is what Dr. Cole had in mind when he told me to take it easy, but what is a Mom gonna do? 

Our poor babe was in so much pain, she wouldn't move her arm (it just hung limp at her side) and if you tried to move it she would start screaming and crying in pain. Praise the Lord for the attending physician Dr. Canby, who was not only amazing with a hysterical little toddler, but so cheerful, thorough and fast!
He initially diagnosed it as Nursemaid's Elbow and tried to pop it back into place but it wouldn't quite go so he ordered x-rays to make sure there wasn't a break. Thankfully, Nate and Meg were there so Meg could take Sofia in for her x-ray (since I am 9 months pregnant and very happily avoiding radiation). We got the x-ray's back and fortunately there was no break so the good Doc used a little more force in his second attempt to pop it back in and well clickety-clack it went right in. The amazing thing was, once Sofia calmed down from the pain of having her elbow dislocated and popped back into place, she was instantly better. In fact, she jumped up and said "bye bye, night night." 
That girl wanted outta there! 
Thank you to Nate & Meg and my dear sweet friend Melissa who all dropped what they were doing and showed up at the ER knowing that I was alone and needed support. There are amazing people in this world that don't ask or offer, they just do because they know that you will just say no even though you really need to say yes. I am so grateful for you guys and for your persistence and love. 

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

November in Pictures

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We've had so much fun this month. We've been exhausted and had our fare share of pregnancy related ups & downs, but we still managed to make a ton of fun memories! 

Sofia helping mommy organize the house before brother arrives.
 Sofia and Nathan hanging out (in a toy box).
 Sofia's make-shift fort.
 Enjoying her very first Simone's (chocolate almond milk).
 Sharing lunch with Mommy at the Lassen's Deli.
 Crazy hair!
 Playing dump trucks with Ellie and Aniston.
 Mommy discovered Ovaltine (thanks to her dear friend Cherisse) and hasn't been able to stop drinking it since!
 Early morning donut run with Daddy (yes, Mommy was craving donuts for almost 2 weeks straight)!
 Testing out brother's new car seat (I'm pretty sure she's exceeded the length limit).
 Asleep on the way home after a fun day of water play at the Stone's!
 Watching a show with Ben and Nathan.
 First play in the rain!!
 She LOVED it!
 Cuddle times with Daddy, the crazy hair twins.
 Kissing "Tiggy."
 Gangsta. Heart pants and all.
 Feeding herself oatmeal.
 18 month shot, didn't even cry!
 Second time playing in the rain! Rain jacket and all!
 Sofia and Daddy.

 Christmas PJ time!!!
 Breakfast and coloring with Dad.
 John Deere tractors at the Christmas parade in Santa Paula!!

Good stuff!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

35 Weeks

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Not much longer! 
We have exactly one month until our c-section! 
I was excited to get to 35 weeks because I knew I had a 35 week pregnancy picture of Sofia and given how different these pregnancies have been, I couldn't wait to compare! What a difference! 
35 Weeks Pregnant with Knox (now)
 35 Weeks Pregnant with Sofia
 Man I was a tub! I am currently still 20 lbs less than I was with Sofia. Phew. 
Did you notice I had already had to remove my wedding ring in the second picture? I was so swollen back then, it was horrible!

Hey, we live and we learn. What is going to be really funny is if Knox comes out larger than Sofia, then I'm really going to have to laugh at myself!
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