Tuesday, November 20, 2012

35 Weeks

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Not much longer! 
We have exactly one month until our c-section! 
I was excited to get to 35 weeks because I knew I had a 35 week pregnancy picture of Sofia and given how different these pregnancies have been, I couldn't wait to compare! What a difference! 
35 Weeks Pregnant with Knox (now)
 35 Weeks Pregnant with Sofia
 Man I was a tub! I am currently still 20 lbs less than I was with Sofia. Phew. 
Did you notice I had already had to remove my wedding ring in the second picture? I was so swollen back then, it was horrible!

Hey, we live and we learn. What is going to be really funny is if Knox comes out larger than Sofia, then I'm really going to have to laugh at myself!
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