Sunday, November 25, 2012

November in Pictures

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We've had so much fun this month. We've been exhausted and had our fare share of pregnancy related ups & downs, but we still managed to make a ton of fun memories! 

Sofia helping mommy organize the house before brother arrives.
 Sofia and Nathan hanging out (in a toy box).
 Sofia's make-shift fort.
 Enjoying her very first Simone's (chocolate almond milk).
 Sharing lunch with Mommy at the Lassen's Deli.
 Crazy hair!
 Playing dump trucks with Ellie and Aniston.
 Mommy discovered Ovaltine (thanks to her dear friend Cherisse) and hasn't been able to stop drinking it since!
 Early morning donut run with Daddy (yes, Mommy was craving donuts for almost 2 weeks straight)!
 Testing out brother's new car seat (I'm pretty sure she's exceeded the length limit).
 Asleep on the way home after a fun day of water play at the Stone's!
 Watching a show with Ben and Nathan.
 First play in the rain!!
 She LOVED it!
 Cuddle times with Daddy, the crazy hair twins.
 Kissing "Tiggy."
 Gangsta. Heart pants and all.
 Feeding herself oatmeal.
 18 month shot, didn't even cry!
 Second time playing in the rain! Rain jacket and all!
 Sofia and Daddy.

 Christmas PJ time!!!
 Breakfast and coloring with Dad.
 John Deere tractors at the Christmas parade in Santa Paula!!

Good stuff!
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