Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sick Again....

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Well here we are, sick again! It doesn't feel as terrifying as the last time, a month does a lot for an infant. Knox is much stronger, more "filled" out, he's been on the breast longer (meaning he's received more of my antibodies), I have more confidence in his body's ability to fight a cold. Still, it's hard. Sofia came down with a runny nose Monday and then was up Monday night with the sweats, she seemed like a new girl Tuesday morning, but has still been fighting a runny nose and seems to cough whenever she lies down. I started to feel "off" on Tuesday and then found myself with a sore throat and am now congested.... Wes felt sick yesterday, but already feels better today, whereas I still feel weak and tired. Knox is congested and slept the day away, so I know he is fighting this cold too. Our poor little family has now been sick at least once every month since Thanksgiving :-( I wont lie, I'm ready for cold season to end!

As you know, I like to do things more naturally, using things that come straight from the Earth. We try to avoid manufactured medicine unless absolutely necessary. Some of my favorite cold remedies include:

- Herbs (alcohol free oral suspension for Sofia)
- Neti Pot
- Lots of water and sleep (hahahahaha, more for the kids than myself at this point)
- Salt water gargle
- Cold mist humidifier
- Lots of fruits and vegetables (preferably raw or juiced)
- Hot water with lemon juice and raw honey

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