Monday, March 4, 2013

A Girl After My Own Heart

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We've been cooking, Sofia and I. We've also been gardening. Two of my favorite things to do. She is suddenly very interested in helping me with these two things. I love it. 

As many of you know, Sofia has a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse obsession right now. So we do A LOT of things "Mickey Style." I had left over pizza dough in the fridge so I made some Mickey shaped garlic bread, she loved them (so did Wes and I). 
Sweet potatoes and fresh beets. Sofia calls these "tatos." 

Our garden is coming back to life. If you've been over to our house at any point in the last six months, you know that I completely abandoned my front patio while I was pregnant and Wes was away. Like I've said, I stopped caring about a lot of things I am normally passionate about during that time. I've been on a mission of "re-sparking" passions and this is one of them. Sofia and I gathered a bunch of succulent clippings from Nana's house and we recently planted them. They're lovely. 

I planted these flowers below last Easter. They just made their annual debut this last week. 

Sofia loves to help water. She loves playing in the dirt, picking the flowers and making me little bouquets that we put in a miniature vase and put in the window. 
Sofia also loves to collect pine cones. It's a hobby of hers. Wes takes her on runs and they come home with at least 3 new pine cones every day. 

And while my girl and I spend all of this sweet time together, cooking and gardening, our little man is usually sleeping. He loves to be swaddled. 
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