Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another ER Visit

Pin It Well last night was yet another ER trip for this Momma. Sofia came down with a runny nose Sunday and by yesterday she had a mild fever, was coughing now and then but acting normal.

Knox seemed fine all day yesterday, although I did pick up on a hint of congestion. When I went to bed at 930, he was making a lot of noise while breathing in his sleep, but nothing overly concerning. He woke me up at 11:30 and was wheezing and gasping for air. His entire chest was sucking in as he breathed. I tried clearing out his nose and sitting in a steamy bathroom, but neither did any good. I woke Wes up and Wes immediately wanted to take him to the ER so I headed out the door with Knox to the emergency room and Wes stayed home with Sofia, nervously awaiting my call.

Knox's oxygen level was in the 80's and nurses kept coming over to see where the loud wheezing sound was coming from. He was treated for croup, he was given 2 breathing treatments, a steroid shot and got chest x-rays before they'd release him. He sounded almost completely better on the way out, but still didn't sleep well and sounds pretty horse and gruff this morning. He seems to be breathing fine though. As you know, croup is a virus so we'll have to wait for him to kick this cold before he'll fully be better.

On a couple of high notes, I handled my second solo trip to the ER just fine, no tears. In fact, I felt strangely comfortable at the hospital, I guess all of my hospital/doctor time in the last 4 months has tempered me. I felt grateful to not have the overwhelming anxiety I had back in January. I also got about a million compliments on my cute, chubby (17 lb) baby boy so that didn't hurt!

Prayers for a healthy recovery, for no return ER trips and for energy and health for Mom. I'm exhausted.

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