Monday, March 18, 2013

Knox is 3 Months

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Can you believe it?
I can't. 

He is 17 pounds, 25" long and he fits right in to this little family. 
We are in love with our man cub. 

He can support his body weight on his little legs already (crazy!) and hold his head up. He has found his hands and fingers and loves to grab onto things, bat at things and suck on his hands. He is very aware of his surroundings and can definitely distinguish between Mom, Dad, Sis and strangers.
He is smiling and laughing and making it so much fun for all of us to entertain him. In fact, he is encouraging some bad habits in his sister because he gives her attention for things she shouldn't be doing. For instance, she starting yelling (in fun) the other day and he started laughing at her so of course she wanted to keep up the yelling. It's hard to put your foot down in a situation when your kids are enjoying each other, but a rule is a rule right? 

Aside from that, I had planned on waiting until six months to start solids, but this little man is already showing interest in food. He loves to follow the food from my plate to my mouth and he always gets bright eyed when I eat around him. He is very curious. Either way, I have another month to decide if I want to start at 4 months or wait until 6. 

He is full of "ooohs and ahhhhs and aaa-goos" and has even begun to raz and blow bubbles. 
Ahhhh, the things we parents get excited about. 

He isn't sleeping through the night yet, every time he gets close we all get sick again so I don't blame him. At any rate, I've adjusted to getting up once a night so it's not terrible right now, I've forgotten what it is like to sleep through the night so of course that always helps. 

Sitting in the Bumbo

Bundled up to go visit Grandpa at the Ranch.

A random pacifier moment... he actually does not take a pacifier at all anymore but he wasn't feeling too good this day. 

Playing under his jungle gym.
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