Thursday, April 4, 2013

Amidst the Pain of Stretching

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There are moments in my life that I refer to as "stretching periods." 
What I mean by this is that I am being stretched emotionally, I am being forced to grow, to become stronger, more mature. I know I will appreciate the end product, I always do, but the stretching tests me and often pushes me beyond my perceived limit. 

Fortunately, I feel as though the Lord has brought me to a place of intense trust, I know He has a plan for me, for my children, for my husband. I find peace in that amidst the pain of stretching. In that, I find the courage to keep pushing forward. 

This last year was not easy for me. The last four months were not easy for me. I've felt like a ship amidst a storm, where each week of survival feels like an accomplishment worth celebrating. I keep having revelations and moments of clarity, seeing the years occurrences that shaped the feelings I am now experiencing. The feelings I am now struggling with and having to come face to face with. 

The hardest part about stretching periods is that it is never just about you and your stretching. You may be faltering under the weight of your burden and yet there will always be people around you who can't wait to add to it.  Thankfully, there are also people who are ready to do just the opposite. These are the times when you discover true, blood-brother-esque friendship. Trust me when I say that there will be people who unexpectedly rush to your aide, who sacrifice their own happiness to lift you up in your time of need, who pray for you and with you, bring you dinners, write you sweet notes of encouragement and keep calling you even when you can't find the will to call back, who give even when they know you can't give back. There are people who will push you to be better, who will not let you lay stagnant but will prod you to action. There are people who will refuse to give up on you and refuse to stop loving on you. 

Life cannot be lived alone, we need friendships and love and faith. We are not meant to go it alone, to be stretched in solitude. We are meant to lean on one another, support one another, encourage one another. We are meant to accept help when it is offered and to offer help when it is needed. We are meant to take care of our own.

You know who you are and I am forever grateful that in my time of need you are here, once again, by my side, pulling me through the muck until I become strong enough to use my feet once more. Reminding me that life is lived one day at a time and that He must continue to break off the bad pieces in order to make room for the good.

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