Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another ER Trip

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This time for Sofia. 
Exactly a week after rushing Knox to the emergency room, I found myself back in the ER, this time with our eldest child. 
Sofia fell off the couch. 
Actually, fell is too severe. She tumbled off the couch. 
I was in the middle of breast feeding Knox and Sofia was climbing up on the couch (like she has done a million and one times) to watch a movie while I fed her brother, next thing I know she is tumbling off and screaming bloody murder. 
So I detach my son and rush to my daughter's aide, now BOTH children are screaming bloody murder. 

Oh, the life of a momma. 

I rushed Sofia to the ER, in which we had a terrible experience, waiting over two hours before we even saw the doctor, to find out she had what is called a "buckle fracture" on her left wrist. It is called a "buckle" fracture because one side of the bone "buckles," or crumples under the pressure of the accident. It is not a complete break (PTL) and it is most often seen in children. 

So she was put in a splint and we are going to see our pediatrician on Friday where we will get a second opinion and talk about putting her in a hard cast (because my daughter is very clumsy right now and I don't want her falling on it and breaking it clear through, she already tripped today sending my heart up through my skull). 

She doesn't seem to be in any pain, she's been very pleasant today (actually, believe it or not, more pleasant than she has been in weeks). She doesn't seem uncomfortable, although she did ask me a couple of times this morning to take her splint off. I think our biggest concerns are going to be keeping her from falling on it and keeping it out of her food HAHA. 

Oh man, please pray for my family's health. This burden just keeps getting larger. The Good Lord is stretching this Momma right now, that's for sure. 

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