Thursday, April 18, 2013

Knox is 4 Months!

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Man Cub is 4 months old! 
He weights 18 lbs, 12 oz. 
He is 26" long.
95th percentile. 
He wears 9-12 month clothes and 12-24 month socks. 
He has amazing balance and leg strength for his age, he can now role from front to back and is starting to show signs of stronger core muscles. His arms are getting stronger and he will hang out on his belly longer. He is alert and bright eyed and loves to play and be part of the party! 
He still isn't sleeping through the night... I blame this on two things - first: every time he gets close he gets sick which causes us to take three steps backwards. Second - I've gotten lazy because I am so darn exhausted! I am so tired I've actually fallen asleep while feeding him at night (multiple times). So Momma's got to restart her engines and start pushing this boy towards lengthened nights. Other than that he is pretty darn consistent. His schedule is now: 
7AM - Wake & Eat
8:30-11AM - Morning Nap
11AM - Eat
1-3PM - Mid-Day Nap
3PM - Eat
4:45-5:30 - Afternoon Nap
5:30PM - Eat (I've kept this feeding because he will soon be eating solids at this time)
7PM - Eat and Bed 

On average he wakes up twice a night. He is very inconsistent at night. Whereas Sofia would wake up at almost exactly the same times every night, Knox can go anywhere from 1-3 feedings a night and all at completely random times. This makes it very difficult to ween off of a feeding because there are no set feedings. Any hoo - we're working on it. This boy just loves food. Who can blame him. 

Dad thought it would be funny to put him in 6 month clothes.

Strong Edwards legs!

This is Wes's focus look, Sofia does it as well... sticking the tongue out to concentrate. 

He has Mom's head. 

Blurry but TOO CUTE to resist. 

Little Momma. 
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