Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh TOODLES, Sofia's Officially 2!

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Well, it's official. 
We've survived parenthood for two whole years now (haha). 

Sofia Belle is 2. 
It doesn't feel fast or slow, it feels just right. She feels like she is two and it took a comfortable amount of time to get there. Some moments went too fast, some went too slow, but overall it was just right. 

We're loving her new-found two-year-old quirks (most of them) and staying on top of a few less desirable ones, but then again she IS two and it is commonly referred to as the "terrible two's" for a reason (I know, I know, I keep hearing that the 3's are worse). 

We love this sweet girl! She had one heck of a Mickey Mouse birthday party! 

Sofia requested chocolate cupcakes, so after searching and searching, I found an awesome dairy free chocolate cupcake recipe, it was so simple and delicious. It will stay a family favorite even if Sofia grows out of her allergies. I used mini Oreos for the ears and made the bows out of Fruit by the Foot.

 I hand made all of the Mickey& Minnie Ears, for more about that, see this post. I was inspired by The Suburban Mom.

I found Sofia's dress over at FunUpTownGirls on Etsy. I know, I could have easily made it myself (and still probably think I should have), but it would have cost me about the same and I've realized with two kids under two (until recently) that you have to know when to outsource (still working on that).

My friend Katie whipped up this super awesome Mickey beanie for Knox. She rocks and we got so many compliments on her handy work! 

Another one of Katie's creations (both the beanie and the baby). 


I made the Pinata for $4, read about it here.  

We had a great time celebrating our sweet girl! We can't wait to see what her third year of life brings and so look forward to so many more fun birthdays with her.
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