Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Month in Waiting

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Ah, I've taken another unintentional sabbatical. This keeps happening doesn't it? Well, if you know me well, you probably realize that my absence from the blogosphere means that I am soldiering through something in the real world. It's like clockwork. Annnnnnd.... I now have a million unfinished posts. Okay, maybe not a million, but a good handful at least. 
If you've signed up to follow by e-mail then I apologize in advance because you are about to get a bunch of retro blog posts. Not fun, I know. 

We are dealing with a lot right now, from various angles, both bad and good and well, sometimes I just have to keep my head in the real world and out of the land of blogs. It makes me sad because I love to write, but a person can only juggle so much. 

I am going to work on regaining my consistency and moving forward. I know that you are used to me laying it all out on the table, because that is my nature, I don't mind if you see my dirty laundry (figuratively speaking, not my real dirty laundry... that I do mind!) because to me a person is like a work of art painted over many years, the good and the bad are all necessary layers adding to the final piece and are crucial to seeing and understanding the entirety of the story. We all know I like to know how things are made (wink). Many of the things we are currently experience are either too premature to talk about or are not our story to tell, so bare with me. 
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