Thursday, May 9, 2013


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WHAT-itis? Lets just say... clogged milk duct, fever, aches, weakness, huge lump in breast... yay! Not.

Yes, we missed a feeding and yes, this was the very UN-FUN result.  

Things always happen to me on the weekends. But that's okay because I was able to handle it naturally... praise the Lord!

Of course, I had big plans this day and wasn't able to follow through on any of them because I could barely move my body (grateful as always, for a VERY helpful husband), but thankfully with lots of rest, hot compress, massage and breast feeding every 2 hours, I was able to remedy the problem. 

Did you know you can make an awesome hot compress one of two ways: A. using rice in a sock or a sewn case and heating in the microwave (stays hot for a good long time!) OR B. filling a disposable diaper with hot water! Both work VERY well!  

Thanks for the awesome, natural, pro-breast feeding advice. I love this website for breast feeding related information. Just like anything, you have to weed through the opinions, but they do have great advice on handling breast feeding issues. 

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