Thursday, May 16, 2013

We're Moving!

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It's official! We're moving! 

We've lived in our little condo for two and a half years now and it has gone from being our sweet little home to a shoebox busting at the seams. 

After months of praying for a home for our little family, and not knowing what that would look like, we were presented with the opportunity to rent a beautiful three bedroom home from some friends of ours from church. We are so excited to move. We have known about this for almost a month now, but we finally set a date to move in on July 1st so I guess we can start getting excited and talking about it! 

July 1st can't come fast enough! 

We are in need of some items if anyone has anything laying around/in storage that they don't need/want anymore: 

1. BOXES!! Lots of them! 
2. Washer & dryer
3. Bedroom furniture - we would really like to find a king size bed, but are especially in need of a dresser, side tables .... that sort of thing
4. A large area rug in neutral color/s 
5. A toddler back yard play structure (little house etc.), we don't mind if it is old and faded! 

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  1. So excited for you guys! I'll keep my eyes open for any of those items!