Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Pin It Well, my last post was over a month ago. This happens sometimes. Life gets in the way and when I'm in the weeds I have a way of "hunkering down" as a dear friend puts it. 

We have been juggling quite a bit over here, some that is blogworthy, some that isn't ready for the blogosphere quite yet and some that just doesn't need to be talked about. 

We have officially moved! It was long and hard and were not quite settled yet, but we did it! We did it with lots and lots of help from friends and family. We are so happy in our new house. There is plenty of space for us and lots of room for the kids to play and for us to invite friends and family over! It's such a good feeling to be able to invite people over again and host gatherings. 

Sofia is officially in her big girl bed 100% of the time with no problems and you should hear her speak! She is putting sentences together! Very crude sentences, but sentences!!! The other day she said "Uncle Nate took you. Took you see choo-choo train." Isn't that awesome?? My jaw just about dropped. 

Knox is growing like a weed. He hit 6 months in June, but is already in 12 month clothes! He sits up and feeds himself (eats like the man-cub that he is). 

The garden is exploding with growth & we are getting to enjoy some early crops. By next month I think we'll be drowning in veggies! 

I hope to blog more often, for a week or so I didn't even have my computer set up, but progress is being made and I am once again a legit member of the 21st century. 


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