Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Potty Training Continued

Pin It I'd say we're about 50% there. We've stretched the timer to every 20 minutes and 99% of the time she makes it. She pees in the toilet more than she doesn't. We've only had 2 accidents today and it's almost 4pm. We even took a short trip to Target with zero accidents. The girls doing pretty good. The part where we have yet to see major improvement is the area of verbalizing her need to use the restroom. I'm still not quite sure she recognizes the sensation of needing to pee. I find myself asking her constantly if she needs to use the restroom. I feel like she's getting it more than not though, I think tomorrow will be more clear.  Pin It

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Culmination of Events

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I'm suddenly feeling exhausted. We had a long day yesterday, between my 5:45A wake-up call to a miserable, teething infant, our previously scheduled 2 year & 6 month photo shoot (yes, my son is almost 8 months, at least I'm getting it done), a complete lack of nap taking, a hair appointment and a toddler who suddenly, out of the blue, vomited all over me. Yep. Just like in the movies. On top of all of this, I had some very important phone calls that needed to be made (accomplished one, three to go), a house that needed to be cleaned, dinner that needed to be made and laundry that needed to be done desperately. Oi. I juggled the teething infant, the photo shoot, the hair client and the vomiting, but the buck stopped there. No cleaning. No dinner. No laundry. Praise God for a husband who doesn't care and who is willing to pick up food at a moments notice. 

Today I decided to potty train. Why? Because it's long overdue. Because Sofia is starting preschool on Monday and I feel like if it doesn't get done this week then it won't get done until Fall break. Because I had a couple of days with nothing on the calendar. I still haven't reached my verdict on whether this was smart or stupid. I'm exhausted, but besides that it has actually been a nice day. We haven't left the house and the kids have been really good all day, in fact they both went down easily for their naps at the same time (which is why I am even able to sit here and write, we've been struggling with this since we moved-- the reason you've heard very little from me). 

Potty training.... it's all over the board. First she tells me she has to go potty and we go to the toilet and she goes and it all seems very promising. Then I'll ask her repeatedly if she has to go and she will repeatedly tell me no and then stand clenching her legs while she pees all over the floor, mere seconds after she told me no. Pooping seems to be easier for her to understand. Peeing, who knows what she is thinking. It's only been half a day. We've had major success and major failure. We'll see what the second half brings. I feel committed, but at the same time, if she doesn't have it by the weekend I may just wait until Fall break. I'm going to kind of test the water with this one. 

Okay, off to make those phone calls. 

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Potty Training

Pin It WeIl it's time. It was time a while ago, but life was in the way. The timer is set for 15 minutes. The juice cup is filled to the brim. The candy is ready, the training underwear are on. We said good-bye to our diapers, "gave" them away to the baby in the family (brother) and took our first official poop in the toilet (and our first official pee on the bedroom floor). Here we go. 
By the way, we won't be leaving the house today or probably tomorrow so of anyone wants to bring me coffee I definitely won't complain! 
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