Friday, September 20, 2013

Box Tops for Education

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Message to Friends & Family:

Sofia's school is collecting Box Tops for Education. Theses can be found on hundreds of products, most large brand food items as well as most Hanes brand clothing. If you happen to buy anything with a Box Top for Education on it, please clip it and pass it our way to help support Sofia's classroom. Each Box Top equals money for classroom supplies for these sweet babies to learn & grow!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

One of Those Days

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Today is one of those days. 
You know. 
The kind of day that just starts out hard and keeps on truckin' in the wrong direction. 
You forget about days like this, until they sneak up on you and bite you in the behind. 
Days like today are the kind of days where you need lots of encouragement, some big hugs and a big 'ol latte in your hand. 

Lets face it, every mom has a day (or multiple days) like this. Things happen. People affect you unintentionally. The kids are fussy for some unknown reason, falling and scraping themselves and then crying and clinging on for dear life, wanting more of you, the dishes are piling up, you can see the dirt on the floor, the laundry is thrown on the couch (at least its clean, that's something to be proud of), you have a list a mile long and on and on it goes. This is the life of a mom. 
The thing is, some days you are equipped to handle it and some days you aren't. 

Today, I may not be so well equipped. I remind myself that it is all in how I look at it (I just had this conversation with a client yesterday, how funny) that God will sustain me and I pray, I pray that the Lord will give me a happy heart, a loving heart, a determined heart. 

Suddenly, the kids go down for their naps and I close my eyes and collect my thoughts, I take in the silence and I focus. I rearrange my thoughts and I move into action. I change my frame of mind. This is where someone always says "easier said than done." But I don't believe that to be true. I believe you just do it, you do it until if feels normal. Someone said once that you don't fake it until you make it, you fake it until you become it. So get up, wash the dishes, sweep the floor, fold the laundry until suddenly the house feels better and you start to feel the motivation rise up inside of you and your mind starts to lighten and loosen and balance is restored..... at least until naps are over. :o) 

The life of a mom. 
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Year Unfolds

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Have you ever had a year that just seemed like complete chaos? I feel like that is this year. 2013. It has been complete and utter chaos and the chaos hit from many different directions. It was one of those years where you see lots of dots but no lines.... and then suddenly you get to a point where you start to see the lines connecting the dots. You start to see this grand experience that God tailor made just for you, to stretch you and grow you to get you to the point He needed you to be at. He has truly stretched us this year. We have dealt with chaos in our own small family as we fought through another difficult birth experience and then struggled to transition into a family of four amidst illness and sleep deprivation and unemployment, to acclimate to Wes being home, to find our new normal, we fought through Prudential's reign of hell and through emotional turmoil caused by close family members. We fought for what we believed in even though it caused us to lose people we loved dearly. We cried and confided and fought for friendships that seemed lost. We moved and embarked on a journey into business ownership that terrified us and excited us. We closed our eyes and trusted God despite how much it scared us. Here we are, three months before the end of the year and we are just now starting to see the dots connecting.... some of them make sense, some still don't and may not for many years. Yet I've watched my husband's love for the Lord grow and explode and change him and us in so many ways. I've watched him lean on the Lord in ways I never thought he would. I've heard his prayers go from simple and to the point to elaborate and eloquent. I've seen him excited to go to church and excited to lead our family spiritually for the first time in the length of our relationship. I think that for that alone, this tumultuous year was well worth it. 
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cats Outa The Bag

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 There have been a lot of secrets around here lately. 
As many of you who know me well or follow this blog know, we have been in deep prayer over Wes's career and work situation for a long while now. We have made sacrifices of distance and time. We have tried different industries and professions. Nothing seemed to be a fit for our family and there were moments where I felt completely unsure of our future. We've prayed for God to lay His will on Wes's heart and mind, for Him to make our path clear. I'm realizing now that when God has a plan for you, he sometimes doesn't just make it clear, he makes it crystal clear. 

About four months ago he laid an amazing opportunity in front of us. An opportunity that seemed tailor made to our specific situation and after four months of deep prayer, of watching Him build bridges and carve out tunnels to clear our path, we are finally ready to announce that we are buying a business! 

We have been given the most amazing, honest, good-hearted, God-loving people as our mentors and we are having so much fun getting to know them better and getting to learn from them.

Did I ever, in a million years, think that someday we would own a garage door company? No, probably not,  but God's plan is so much greater than our own. We are so excited to announce that as of October 1st, 2013, we will be the new owners of Plum Lift A Door, a garage door installation and repair company that has been around since 1969!

Wes quit his job a little less than two weeks ago and is now training full time with the Plum family out in the field while I train in the "office" (my computer hutch in my bedroom).

We are so excited to see what God's plan is for us and hope that you will come along side of us on this journey as we take our next steps!

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