Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Year Unfolds

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Have you ever had a year that just seemed like complete chaos? I feel like that is this year. 2013. It has been complete and utter chaos and the chaos hit from many different directions. It was one of those years where you see lots of dots but no lines.... and then suddenly you get to a point where you start to see the lines connecting the dots. You start to see this grand experience that God tailor made just for you, to stretch you and grow you to get you to the point He needed you to be at. He has truly stretched us this year. We have dealt with chaos in our own small family as we fought through another difficult birth experience and then struggled to transition into a family of four amidst illness and sleep deprivation and unemployment, to acclimate to Wes being home, to find our new normal, we fought through Prudential's reign of hell and through emotional turmoil caused by close family members. We fought for what we believed in even though it caused us to lose people we loved dearly. We cried and confided and fought for friendships that seemed lost. We moved and embarked on a journey into business ownership that terrified us and excited us. We closed our eyes and trusted God despite how much it scared us. Here we are, three months before the end of the year and we are just now starting to see the dots connecting.... some of them make sense, some still don't and may not for many years. Yet I've watched my husband's love for the Lord grow and explode and change him and us in so many ways. I've watched him lean on the Lord in ways I never thought he would. I've heard his prayers go from simple and to the point to elaborate and eloquent. I've seen him excited to go to church and excited to lead our family spiritually for the first time in the length of our relationship. I think that for that alone, this tumultuous year was well worth it. 
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