Monday, December 2, 2013

Little Breathes

Pin It It's sad that I've chosen a time such as now to start blogging again, but time is what I have right now so now should be as good a time as any. 

I'm sitting in our room in Peds at County Hospital. It's a tiny room on the sunny side of the hospital. This seems like it would be a good thing, sunny is cheerful, but really dark would be better because what we need is sleep.

We've been in the hospital for 6 days now... Rushed into the ER in an ambulance from our pediatricians office, admitted and then released on Thanksgiving. Back in the ER the next day, released. Back in the ER the next day, admitted and here we are on day #2 of our 2nd hospital stay this week. 

My heart is aching to be away from Sofia, my heart is aching because we don't know what is wrong with Knox. We know that he has all the symptoms of croup, that he is struggeling to breathe, but we also know that it would be very rare for croup to last this long. 

We're searching for explanations, undergoing testing, talking to doctor after doctor, seeking answers and praying. Oh Lord are we praying. Theories are being tossed out left and right: could it be that he has scar tissue from being intubated in the NICU, could he have an oddly shaped esophagus, could he have a vascular tether on his esophagus, is his heart pushing against the wall of his throat.... On and on. 

All the while, Knox is showing no signs of improvement, but praise the Lord he is also not getting worse. He's just kind of staying the same. 

We see an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist this afternoon and our next move will depend entirely on what comes of this meeting. 

Prayer. Please pray. 

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