Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So It Goes

Pin It Well, most of you know we got airlifted (level 3 - which mean there is a doctor on board) to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Knox was not improving and VCMC was at a point where the tests needed were beyond their comfort level with an infant. They weren't making any headway. We've been here at CHLA since Sunday.

This hospital is lovely. Everyone here is amazing and if you can believe it, it doesn't really feel like a hospital. I have my own bed and my own section of the room that can be closed off from Knox so we both can attempt at sleeping. 

We've run multiple tests, we had a scare involving a mass in front of his trachea that showed up on an X-ray. However, a CT scan showed that it was just swelling, but what a long scary day full of tears waiting for that news. 

We've seen an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist who looked down his throat with a camera and saw nothing but inflammation & swelling. 

The team has come to the conclusion that this is just a very severe case of croup. So at this point we have to wait for Knoxs body to fight the virus. He has been on steroids to keep the swelling in his neck down, allowing him to breathe. As we've realized at this point, he seems to regress 24 hours after the steroid injection... hence our 2 additional trips back to the ER last week. 

So now that the conclusion is croup, Knox will be taken off of steroids and have to go 36 hours without medical intervention. If he does well, we go home. If he needs another dose of steroids, the clock starts over. 

Please keep praying, this has been such a long road with many scares, ups and downs and all arounds. Our family wants so desperately to be reunited, for our boy to be healthy. I miss Sofia more than life, my heart is breaking into a million pieces to be away from her. 

I feel so grateful for all of the people that have reached out to our family, who have prayed with us and for us. Who continue to pray because we are not home yet, we're not out of the woods yet. 

We are so grateful for your love in this time of uncertainty as we wait for our sons body to beat this and as we pray to a great God that we know will get us through. 
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